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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by kaishuoy, Feb 18, 2011.

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    hi there

    i just made a new server, and needing a bit of help atm since i dont know a lot about bukkit

    ive got bukkit(newest one) running on a win7 and have installed the essentials plugin

    Basically, i want to be able to delete/disable some of the commands i dont want, eg tpa etc but keep others, eg tp. howd i do that?

    ive tried to go and delete the classes from the jar but it didnt really remove it and the 'removed' commands still appear when i type /help. is there anything to fix it?

    also, i want to go and limit certain commands to be used by mods/op only, eg give , tp etc and only let normal members use part of the command set

    finally, how do i protect areas from griefing? ive tried to use the simpleprotect plugin but im not sure if its working great tbh

    thx for any help
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    ok thanks i have those now :)
    but how exactly do i disable commands? idk how to use permissions properly so any tutorial?

    and also, any good plugins to have a customisable /help?
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    use General for "/help", read the permissions page for info on how to set it up, start a conversation if you still don't get it and/or post your permissions file to Pastebin so I may see and edit it for you.
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    ahhh ok i got the permissions done ok. now i can restrict etc. But, when ppl type /help, it still shows commands that i deleted, or that are unavailible to them. anyway to manually edit the /help?
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    yes there is a help file to edit in the general folder
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    wont general screw up my essentials stuff?
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