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    Hello. i would like to Request a plugin called LightningSpell.

    It is that when a player hits another player (from a distance like the tele compass in worldedit)
    with a golden sword a lightning hits the player hitting 3-4 hearts. and then a cooldown on 3 minutes starts. i would like this plugin for my donators, could anyone do it? i could pay u $5 if needed.
    also eating an apple will remove 1 minute of the cooldown, eating a golden apple will remove the cooldown. please add me on skype if u decide to make it (my skype is wowkillen1z1)
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    If nobody else starts working on this one, I might. Seems pretty straight forward.
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    thanks alot, would it take a long time? and also will it have permission support?
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    This seems easy enough. I'll get to work in a few hours.
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    Does hitting in the air (like the compass in worldedit but on players) work? and does the cooldown go down when eating apples and is it permission supported - Edit: that was a stupid question... hehe but the others?


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    The plugin Zeus does this, with the cooldown. However, there is no item to reduce the cooldown.
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    Why do you keep bumping? the plugin Zeus does EXACTLY what you described, right down to using the gold sword as the wand :) There are already a few links above.
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