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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by TheGamesHawk2001, Dec 23, 2014.

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  1. Hey can someone make me a plugin please. It's a really light weight Vault compatible economy of which players have a balance and they can pay money to others e.g. /pay <player> 500 would take $500 away from the players balance and give it to the other player. this will have a permission

    ADMIN cmds.
    /money take
    /money set <player> or <database> database means ALL of the players who have ever been online.
    /money give

    That's it ;)

    I need this by the end of today.
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  3. @mrCookieSlime It has toooooo many un needed commands, I need mine to be SUPER light weight with only a few commands.
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    Gl with that m8. I finished my own economy plugin. Ill see what i can do for you
  6. @TheGamesHawk2001 What you should do is consider in more detail what exactly you mean by "light weight". You say that the plugins there are have many unnecessary features, but I would like to know, why exactly is that a problem? Does it make the plugin hard to understand? Are the help pages too long? Does it take up too many resources?

    A description like "light weight" generally isn't nearly as useful as you might think it is, I'll even give you a little tip: Us knowing plugin developers, when we see a request that specifically requires the plugin to be "light weight", we tend to ignore that requirement altogether. Nobody deliberately makes their plugin heavy and bloated, and chances are the ones who are stressing the importance that a plugin be light weight are the ones who are overestimating how much the plugin will take up and/or don't need to worry about the performance. :)
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