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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by nikkoooo, Jan 1, 2022.

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    Hello, i need a LifeSteal SMP plugin/skript that doesen't let you go below 1 heart, and doesen't give the attacking player a heart if the victim player is on 1 heart. The plugin doesen't need any commands. (And if you can, please make a configurable crafting recipe for hearts)
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    Can you explain this part more?
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    On Lifesteal SMP's, when you kill someone you get another heart on your max health and the other person loses a heart of their max health, and on most Lifesteal plugins if you get killed on one heart you go into spectator mode, i don't want that to happen, and i want it to be so that if a person on 1 heart gets killed, the killer doesen't gain a heart and the person who got killed doesen't lose one. I also don't want normal deaths to make you lose a heart. Only when you get killed by a player. (Sorry for the bad explanation)
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    One question, where in the do i put the texture pack?

    Found four bugs, the /lifesteal remove just sets the player to 2 hearts, /lifesteal add just sets the player to 4 hearts, the consumable heart just sets the player to 4 hearts, and lastly when you eat normal food it says in chat "You do not have permission to eat hearts", even though i have the permission.

    Edit: Found 2 more bugs. 1st one: The max amount of hearts is 11, if you already have 20 hearts or something when you kill someone, it just goes down to 11. 2nd one: If you get killed with more hearts than 10, it just goes down to 9. (So the entire plugin is useless rn)

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    Here is a video of how I added a texture pack to the server and I also tested the plugin for all the things you said were wrong with it.

    You were probably on three hearts when that happened. When you did remove it removed one putting you to 2. When you did add, it added one making fourt hearts. The heart food adds a heart so it set you to four as well.

    Thank you for telling me, I have fixed this.

    This is because the hearts of players were created in a different method than with my plugin. The plugin records player hearts when they first join. If a player already had 20 hearts and joined for the first time with the plugin, the plugin thinks they have 10 hearts. That is why the killer was set to 11 (10 + 1 = 11) and the person who died was set to 9 (10 - 1 = 9). And because you did not specify players already had more than 10 hearts, I did not implement that. It is in the newest version though.
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