Library/Plugin that allows SQL database access through commands

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    Not sure if this has been done, but seems pretty useful for admins and for developers, as this plugin is pretty universal. I thought about writing something like this for my plugin, but figured it could be used by the general community. I may just end up working on it summertime

    Plugin category: [DEV] [ADMIN]

    Suggested name: BukkitQuery

    A bit about me: I'm a plugin Developer and software engineering undergrad student

    What I want: A way for admins to send queries to their databases

    Ideas for commands: Select, subqueries, unions, things like that. The user would then have the printed results. It would recognize improperly typed commands and queries. If the results number greater than ten, it caches it temporarily and lets the user scroll through pages.

    Ideas for permissions: Probably one or a few nodes to restrict to admins or queries

    When I'd like it by: Whenever.

    Similar plugin requests: Not that I can find

    Devs who might be interested in this: Anyone who knows or uses SQL. Edit: Zino PatPeter ThisIsAreku
  2. You mean that with this plugin you could run sql queries like "SELECT * FROM `table` WHERE ..." ?
    maybe i will code it, it might be useful for admin
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    This sounds like the most miserable way to type SQL commands into any input stream ever, i.e. misspell SELECT, have to delete the entire statement.

    There's also no way to recall previous statements (maybe Spout?). You'd have to retype every command every time. My subqueries alone tend to be between 256-512 characters long.

    Speaking of character length, chat messages have a limit of 100 characters, which is a bit stifling for SQL commands.

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