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Discussion in 'Resources' started by bubbleguj, Oct 15, 2013.

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    A libary to edit the experience bar.

    it was just yesterday when I had a problem. Someone wanted me to make his own level/xp system. But not only the system. Also the bar has to fit into this new system. For example: normaly, you need 17 xp for level one. With this lib, you can change them, that you'll need 50 xp for lvl 1, 100 for lvl 2 and so on. And the best is: Everything will be converted to the xp bar, so everyone will think, "your" xp bar is showing the right level and xp.

    Download & source: https://github.com/bubbleguj/MyXpBarLib

    Add your custom levels and experience

    Before you can start editing your bar, you have to add a HashMap with your custom levels and experience. Create a HashMap like this:
    HashMap<Integer, Integer> customXpLevels = new HashMap<Integer, Integer>();
    customXpLevels.put(1, 17); //Level 1 needs 17 XP
    customXpLevels.put(2, 20); //Level 2 needs 20 XP
    customXpLevels.put(3, 40);
    customXpLevels.put(4, 68);

    Now you have to initialise the libary and add your HashMap.
    MyXpBar xpBar = new MyXpBar(customXpLevels);

    After you did this, you can start editing the bar.

    To add experience to someones bar, just use the addXp(Player p, int amount) method.
    xpBar.addXp(Bukkit.getPlayer("Notch"), 10); //This adds 10 experiences to Notchs experience bar

    To remove experience, use removeXp(Player p, int amount).
    xpBar.removeXp(Bukkit.getPlayer("Notch"), 10); //This removes 10 experiences from Notchs experience bar
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    Does this library automatically replace default Minecraft leveling?
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    Level 1 = 100000000 exp ;)
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