[LIB] Fanciful: pleasant chat message formatting

Discussion in 'Resources' started by mkremins, Nov 15, 2013.

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    Thanks, I already know such stuff. But I can't find a jar to use in Eclipse, I only read of Maven stuff.
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    Looks like your domain name expired :C Any chance on adding the repo again?
    Really need it!
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    Hey there. I was wondering if I should have Maven shade in the library since I don't see a download to put in the server plugins folder.
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    I imported the 2 packages mkremins.fanciful and net.amoebaman.util into my src folder. but I got a bunch of errors. I opened the files and saw that you import com.google.xxx.xxx.xxx but com.google doesn't exist. Have I missed a library or something? I use up-to-date Java 1.8 and Eclipse. Thanks in advance.

    EDIT: Solved it, craftbukkit.jar somehow got removed from the build path even though I added it. weird, but anyway, not a problem anymore :)
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    @GamersForOne use maven and never have such problems again <3
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    I'm able to import this library using Maven into my project (IntelliJ IDEA), and I'm able to use it fine. When I build my project, it's still all fine.

    However when the code executes in-game I get a ClassNotFoundException. This is really strange to me. Other maven dependancies (such as the Vault API) work fine. It's just this one!

    Any ideas?
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    include the sources into your jar using the maven shade plugin, it's recommend to relocate them.
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    Is there a jar I can use rather then Maven? My Project is not setup for Maven...
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    I'm getting errors using Fanciful.

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    @dznSpencer you don't have Gson. Either use the latest spigot build or include it yourselfes
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    I've looked over the lastest messages, and I saw the latest version of 0.3.1 (I think)... And it still isn't registering..

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    @Ricecutter0 that repo you are using seems to be down (or locked)
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    @MiniDigger I'm using the one in the post. Which one works?
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    @mkremins The repo you are using seems to be locked or something
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    @MiniDigger I'm using maven to get the latest version. I've also added GSON as a dependecy but it's still not working. (I'm new to maven)
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    @Ricecutter0 there doesn't seem to be an updates repo around. I would suggest just downloading it and shading it into yourpackage.lib or something like this

    @dznSpencer if you want help from me you need to provide me with more informations: What are you trying to do? What did you do? What do you see now?
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    How do I broadcast a message to everyone? Here the code that i have so far.
    Bukkit.getServer().getScheduler().scheduleSyncRepeatingTask(this, new Runnable() {
                            public void run() {
                                new FancyMessage("Check out my website")
                                .then("Click here.")
                                .tooltip("Got to my website!");                          
                    }, 3000, 12000);
  21. @jmuirhead I haven't used Fanciful so I thought I'd just give you the json. Just use tellraw to send it to people.

    {text:"Check out my website ", color:"gold", extra:[{text:"click here!", underline:"true", color:"blue", hoverEvent:{action:"show_text", value:"Go to my website"}, clickEvent:{action:"open_url", value:"http://mywebsite.com"}}]}
  22. @jmuirhead
    If you're using an IDE, you could've checked what methods there are, and if not, you could've checked their source code. There is a method send(CommandSender) and a method send(Iterable<? extends CommandSender>)
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    So how do we use Fanciful with a Cauldron server? I wrote a plugin that uses Fanciful, but it errors in the Reflection class every time I use it on a Cauldron server. Is there a way to cut out the methods I don't use so that I don't have to use Reflection?
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    I using this LIB but i need to use the messages inline, like this result:

    Where on hover on a region name, open a tooltip and on click a name execute the command for that region.

    Or a way to send various FancyMessages in one message, separated by "," to get the resulto of the image?
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    Does anyone know how the translationReplacements method works?
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    Hello, i am having a problem with people clicking links
    this is my code:
    new FancyMessage("[YT] " + p.getName()).color(ChatColor.RED).link(link).tooltip("Go to my YouTube channel.")
                                            .then(": " + e.getMessage()).color(ChatColor.WHITE).send(all);

    The clicking on the name works fine but if someone posts a link in chat it is unclickable.
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