[LIB] A* Pathfinding Algorithm

Discussion in 'Resources' started by Adamki11s, Feb 16, 2013.

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    how do you define the locations "nodes" for your entity?

    If you would please explain to me how to make a start location for a zombie and then make him walk to and end location T.T

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  2. unforgiven5232
    Well to do with an entity is more complicated.

    What you would probably have to do in this instance is create a pathfinder object to find a path from your start to end location. Then you would have to override the mob's pathfinding and make it was to each node subsequently in the tile array.

    Take a look in the resources section for adding custom behaviour to mobs. And take a look over at the source code I linked you to my QuestX plugin on github.
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    alright thanks i'll try and get on that
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    Is there any way of making an entity that uses this pathfinder to walk to the path smoothly, I tried it out and it was very choppy
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    Hey, well I dont really know how peoples packages work but the thing will not compile i keep getting this error.
    1 error found:

    Error: File is in the wrong directory or is declared part of the wrong package. Directory name 'Downloads' does not match package name 'adamki11s'.
    cannot find symbol World Location etc and package does not exist how do i intergrated it with my stuff
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    My code isn't functioning properly, this is my code
    1. public void runPathing(final Location start, final Location end, final int range, LivingEntity ent){
    2. try {
    3. AStar path = new AStar(start, end, range);
    4. ArrayList<Tile> route = path.iterate();
    5. PathingResult res = path.getPathingResult();
    6. switch(res){
    7. case SUCCESS :
    8. move(start, route, ent);
    9. break;
    10. case NO_PATH:
    11. break;
    12. }
    13. } catch (InvalidPathException e) {
    14. }
    15. for(Tile t : tiles){
    16. Location loc = t.getLocation(start);
    17. path.add(loc);
    18. mobs.add(ent);
    20. }
    21. }

    It works fine, and Im iterating through each block to guide the sheep to the player, but once it gets to the target, it goes backwards again, and the sheep walks most of the way back, and walks to the start again.
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    does this lib also checks if ther is a to block high way?
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    How does the performance of this algorithm compare to that of vanilla minecraft
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    How to apply this pathfinding algorithm to zombies?


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    Adamki11s I been looking for something like this!
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    This is awesome, I've always wanted to implement the A* pathfinding algorithm in one of my plugins. Thank you!
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    Robin Bi

    Adamki11s Sorry that i pick up this old thread, but i am currently trying to work with your lib.
    So i want to let some zombies walk through a cliff. This is my current code:
    1. public class WalkingEnemies {
    3. public void letThemWalk(Location start, Location end, int range) {
    5. try {
    6. // Create Pathfinder
    7. AStar pathFinder = new AStar(start, end, range);
    8. // Get the list of nodes to walk to as a Tile object
    9. ArrayList<Tile> route = pathFinder.iterate();
    10. // Get Result of the path trace
    11. PathingResult res = pathFinder.getPathingResult();
    12. } catch (InvalidPathException e) {
    13. // Wird geworfen, wenn Start- oder Endblock nicht solid ist
    14. if (e.isStartNotSolid()) {
    15. System.err.println("Start block is not walkable.");
    16. }
    17. if (e.isEndNotSolid()) {
    18. System.err.println("End block is not walkable.");
    19. }
    20. }
    21. }
    23. }

    This does not contain anything with zombies, just because i don't know how to let the entities work with your lib... While writing this i notice that it might be a silly question, but i hope someone can help me anyways :3
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    Thank you for creating this (it seems much better then minecraft's built in pathfinding for mods with special requirements) I have recently converted this to be usable in minecraft forge 1.7.10 and it also now does pathfinding for flying mobs. I like to say thank you for doing this
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    This is a nice lib, got it working but how to make that a mob will acually follow this path?
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    This looks so cool!!!! I can't wait to try it out! When I manage to learn how to use this fully, I will make a tutorial for all the people who are having trouble with it
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