[Lib][1.7.9] PetMaker V1.0 - How to make pets!

Discussion in 'Resources' started by bigteddy98, May 30, 2014.

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    This resource is no longer availabe.
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    thanks :D
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    Do you just breath NMS code? Jesus man, you make a new one every day! :D
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    Basically, they're all based off of a few classes, it's not too difficult to understand, self explanatory in fact :p
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    You should implement the target finding of a wolf so it attacks what the owner does. Other than that great resource ;)
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    I just haven't gotten around to learning it.
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    Wait guys i''ll be right back I just had my mind blown.....
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    It's nothing more than a custom pathfinder, but the effect is awesome ;)
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    Pretty cool idea!
    but what happend if I relog to the server?
    or someone want to kill my pet?
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    Just a quick suggestion, instead of storing the player's object, why not store their UUID and retrieve the player on call?
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    Yeah that might even be better, I will do an update this afternoon.
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    Awesome :)

    Thanks for the great share, btw.
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    ok so how do delete pet when you have done makepet as per example up at the top?

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    In 1.7.9, Bukkit add the getPlayer(UUID id); method, it's really handy.
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    You want to turn it back into a normal entity? or what? I don't understand ya :p

    I know but I was still wondering if it won't give problems when logging out, but I don't think so. I will update it now.

    Version 1.1 is now available!

    In version 1.1 I made a change (after it was recommended many times) which now supports relogging. Instead of storing the Player object (which also causes memory leaks) I am now storing the UUID of the player. This way your pet will remember who you are, even after a relog.

    I hope you like it, enjoy!
    BigTeddy98, Sander.

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    The pathfinding you are using isn't right.
    You should pathfind to an entity instead of a tile.
    And also check if the path doesn't already exist.

    Also you cant customize the speed, pretty bad
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    ok? what now? it works fine and I am happy with the result, so why is it "bad" as you say? I have my reasons for doing it this way.
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    Its laggy.
    It regenerates a path too often
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    bigteddy98 Even though it's easy to create the name and make it visible, you should still put it in the example code. So put something like
    1. Creeper creeper = p.getWorld().spawn(p.getLocation(), Creeper.class);
    2. creeper.setCustomName("Bob");
    3. creeper.setCustomNameVisible(true);

    :) Hope my suggestion didn't come out rude, if so sorry
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    1. @Override
    2. public boolean onCommand(CommandSender sender, Command command, String label, final String[] args) {
    3. final Player p = (Player) sender;
    4. Creeper creeper = p.getWorld().spawn(p.getLocation(), Creeper.class);
    5. PetMaker.makePet(creeper, p);
    6. return false;
    7. }

    we have that as an example to spawn our creeper... now how to remove it?
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    remove what? the fact that it's following you?
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    ... makepet makes the pet, my question how to remove said pet... after doing a makepet... pritty simple question
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    Use Entity#remove()?:confused:
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    am I so stupid or what? If you want it to stop following you you will have to remove the mob and spawn a new one at his place.
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    Dude, you studied Bukkit's API, didn't ya?
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    You should update the example to show the use of UUID, instead of Player :)
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    I will put that together with the UUID example which I am going to update within an hour.
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    1. this.entity.getNavigation().b(false);

    What does this?
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