[Lib] [1.7.10] NPCFactory v1.4 - Create walking npcs with custom names and skins!

Discussion in 'Resources' started by lenis0012, May 26, 2014.

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    This is excellent.

    Is there any way to persist these NPCs through a reboot? I can work around it but I'd like to make a few NPCs that stay put.

    Also, I too am noticing that the custom interact event never fires, but the normal interact solution here works for me.
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    Hello! I am attempting to check when the NPC is hit, yet it doesn't seem to fire the event, I do have EventHandler, and it is registered in my OnEnable(). Doesn't even seem to fire, if it was an actual Bukkit even I would be extremely confused but since it is a custom event, I want to be sure I am not doing something wrong. First debug message isn't showing.

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    1. @EventHandler
    2. public void onDamage(NPCDamageEvent event){
    3. Bukkit.broadcastMessage("NPCDamageEvent");
    4. if (event.getDamager() instanceof Player){
    5. NPC n = event.getNpc();
    6. Player damager = (Player) event.getDamager();
    7. Bukkit.broadcastMessage("Check 7: Check if Teams are not the same.");
    8. if (npcteam.get(n.getBukkitEntity().getName()) != PlayerMeta.getMeta(damager).getTeam()){
    9. Bukkit.broadcastMessage("Check 8: Teams are the sanme. Checking to see if there are contents");
    10. if (contents.containsKey(n.getBukkitEntity().getName())){
    11. Bukkit.broadcastMessage("Check 9: Dropping inventory contents");
    12. for (ItemStack is : contents.get(n.getBukkitEntity().getName()))
    13. if (is != null)
    14. damager.getWorld().dropItemNaturally(n.getBukkitEntity().getLocation(), is);
    15. }
    16. Bukkit.broadcastMessage("Check 10: Checking to see if there are armor contents");
    17. if (armor.containsKey(n.getBukkitEntity().getName())){
    18. Bukkit.broadcastMessage("Check 9: Dropping armor contents");
    19. for (ItemStack is : armor.get(n.getBukkitEntity().getName()))
    20. if (is != null)
    21. damager.getWorld().dropItemNaturally(n.getBukkitEntity().getLocation(), is);
    22. }
    23. Bukkit.broadcastMessage("Check 11: heck if NPClist contains NPC.");
    24. if (npclist.containsKey(n.getBukkitEntity().getName())){
    25. Bukkit.broadcastMessage("Check 12: NRemoving the NPC");
    26. npclist.get(n.getBukkitEntity().getName()).getBukkitEntity().remove();
    27. npclist.remove(n.getBukkitEntity().getName());
    28. contents.remove(n.getBukkitEntity().getName());
    29. armor.remove(n.getBukkitEntity().getName());
    30. npcteam.remove(n.getBukkitEntity().getName());
    31. logout.put(n.getBukkitEntity().getName(), false);
    32. }
    33. }
    34. }
    35. }

    I am not to sure as I haven't used custom events, but do I need to call it within another event? I tried to call NPCDamageEvent from this, but it didn't work. Another question that arose was the fact you can't get DamageCause within EntityDamageByEntityEvent and you get get the Damager with EntityDamageEvent.
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    1. @EventHandler
    2. public void damageEvent(EntityDamageByEntityEvent event){
    3. if (f.isNPC(event.getEntity())){
    4. NPC npc = f.getNPC(event.getEntity());
    5. Bukkit.getServer()
    6. .getPluginManager()
    7. .callEvent(
    8. new NPCDamageEvent(npc, event.getDamager(), DamageCause.ENTITY_ATTACK, event.getDamage()));
    9. }
    10. }

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    you have to code that yourself i am afraid.
    The events are completely broken :/

    use factory.isNPC(entity);
    then factory.getNPC(entity);

    Or get the entity class instance and check if it is an instance of NPC.
    But the method above is prefered.

    npc.getBukkitEntity().remove() works in 1.4 snapshot+
    It crashes the client in older versions if the player has the same uuid as an online player.
    I fixed this recently

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    Thanks, but i already got it working by checking if it is a player, then check the name of it. Works like a charm :)

    If your methods is better, i might use that one instead.
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    checking isNPC is better, in case a player with same name as npc logs on
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    Ah, that makes sense as I was spawning an NPC with my name.
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    I have disabled godmode on my NPC But when I attempt to hit it, it seems that it gives me internal server error.

    NVM I fixed it there is a small bug in the code, which means that you cannot cast EntityPlayer to Entity. All you need to do to fix this is to remove change the casting to (net.minecraft.server.v1_7_R3.Entity).

    There 2 lines that you need to change are 197 and 200.

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    How do you add the maven repository into Eclipse? I can't figure that out
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    You have to have the maven plugins installed and have the project converted to a maven project in eclipse. Then add the dependency to the pom as usual.
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    Any ideas on how to get this to work on Spigot 1.8?
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    There is no difference. Spigot is built on CraftBukkit, and this is a library that you put into your plugins. Those plugins will work on both CraftBukkit and Spigot.
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    Yes that is true but something in the update to 1.8 it breaks, was wondering if anyone had any sort of fix for this.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    dsnid3r Don't use protocol hacks. Problem solved.
    There is no official update for 1.8, when there will be one then there are enough developers able to update this code.
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    umg it must be zo hard to replace 1_7_R3 with 1_8_R1
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    Can you make a 1.7.2 version? Because I dont have the cb 1.7.10 (download not available)

    #Sorry for my bad english im french
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    Just download the source and downgrade the imports. Or look at github history and find the versions of the files that you need.
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    Or get it from the build server.
    Oh wait, you cant.
    I had to take it down
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    Marten Mooij

    Can anyone help me?
    I am having a NoClassDefFound Error in the NPCNetworkManager class, I am using CraftBukkit 1.7.10 R1.
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    No such version of craftbukkit as 1.7.10 R1 exists
    Did you mean 1.7.10-R0.1-SNAPSHOT?
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    Marten Mooij

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    You must be running a wrong version of minecraft
    1_7_R3 is 1.7.10 i think
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    Marten Mooij

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    I must have forgotten to respond.
    I dont know why the server would lock up.
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    The crouching animation doesn't seem to work. It isn't giving me any exception, It just doesn't show.
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    1.8 update coming soon :)
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    lenis0012 please correct me if I am wrong, but this only works with a 1.7.10 CraftBukkit build right?
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    when will the update come because I really need it for my plugin!
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    ran across a problem with how MC now writes packets
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    How to set the NPC attacking someone ? Changing speed walking ? :)

    #Sorry if my english is bad, i'm french <3
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    Hi @lenis0012 ! thanks for your library to create npcs!!!

    I have a problem :S im using ur NPCFactory version for spigot 1.7.9 and works great, but i have a problem. I need add invisibility potion effect to a npc, but it doesnt work...

    PotionEffect potion = new PotionEffect(PotionEffectType.INVISIBILITY, Integer.MAX_VALUE, 1);


    what can i do? :s:
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