[Lib] [1.7.10] NPCFactory v1.4 - Create walking npcs with custom names and skins!

Discussion in 'Resources' started by lenis0012, May 26, 2014.

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    Amazing. Definitely will use it in my plugins. :)
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    Will this work for 1.7.2 or only 1.7.9?
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    only 1.7.9
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    If you remove NPCProfile and change the NPCEntity constructor to use a clean name it works with 1.7.2
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    it's a new feature in 1.7.9, you know that yourself too. Please don't act like you are the one who made the whole system, Mojang did ;)
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    You may not understand that it was a joke.
    But I was first to use game profiles properly.
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    How can I prevent the NPC's from being pushed around by players?
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    Good one, forgot to implement that after adding velocity fixes
  10. lenis0012 great job :) can we include this in our plugin? should we give credit ?

    RealDope I think you can override the collide method (?)
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    I would overide g(double, double, double)
    Credit would be nice, check our license: https://github.com/lenis0012/NPCFactory/blob/master/LICENSE

    Released v1.3
    • Fixed NPCInteractEvent
    • Added gravity
    • Added equipment methods
    • Changed NPC to an interface
    • Changed target to Entity intead of LivingEntity (thx DoctorDark)

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    lenis0012 Can we make the NPC look like a villager rather than a human player?

    Also I'm not particularly familiar with this stuff, could you provide an example as to how to override g other than:

    2. @Override
    3. public void g(double x, double y, double z) {
    5. }
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    Deleted user

    This may or may not be me, but I found an issue when trying to spawn an NPC with the same username and skin name as a player who has already joined (but not online) the server. It'll use the player's UUID from the player file, not the actual UUID, and then throw an exception when it tries to connect to Mojang's sessionserver.

    Is there something I'm doing wrong?
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    RealDope That is how you do it actualy.

    zombiekiller753 My latest versions are having some tiny problems.
    I will look at it tomorrow for you
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    And in regards to making the NPC look like a villager?
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    Deleted user

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    Villagers and players have different models; they look different in more ways than just skin.
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    Deleted user

    Why not just spawn in a villager then?
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    any plugins using this? be interesting to see :)
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    I would just make a villager npc then.
    Make NPCEntity extend EntityVillager.

    Or manipulate the spawn packet.

    TeamJesus I will make one soon

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    You might want to update the readme, the code looks like it's pulling data directly from Mojang, not SwordPVP (since, well, it's dead).
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    Will do
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    Does v1.3 fix the "not being effected by momentum" thing?
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    Awesome work here, trying to use this and works great so far :)

    Just one question though, are there any efficient ways to block the NPC from getting pushed around or do I need to do this myself?
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    I think ive read through this thoroughly, is it possible to make the NPC attack based on it's weapon?
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    ThatUltraSeal You could try something like:
    1. NPC npc = getNpcInstance;
    2. if (npc.getEquipment(EquipmentSlot.HAND).equals(new ItemStack(Material.DIAMOND_SWORD)))
    3. npc.playAnimation(NPCAnimation.SWING_ARM);
    4. }
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    lenis0012 I am currently having issues using they NPC events, it seems that not being called, i have not modified the code.

    Edit: Apparently being Invulnerable makes the Interact event not run
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    DoctorDark npc.getEquipment(EquipmentSlot.HAND).getType() == Material.DIAMOND_SWORD
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    Having problems compiling it in Eclipse as an API.

    I can't depend the API, the API is known as 'unknown'.
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    Clone the code form github and add it manually.

    But the interact event is being buggy anyway
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