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    It would be GREATLY appreciated if somebody could create this plugin for me. Our server (and I'm assuming quite a few others) could really use this plugin as it gives players something to strive for, aside from building and PVP.

    I am looking for a level system. Basically, a player can buy a level once he/she has reached a certain number of playing hours. For example, once a player has reached 5 hours of playing time, they can purchase Level 1 for 5000 (in game currency). Level 2, would cost 10 hours and 15000, Lvl 3 would be 18 hours and 25000, etc. A player should be able to use a command that tells them how many hours they have, and how many more are required for the next level.

    A player's level will show up as a prefix before their name, but completely aside from the usual ranks that my server has.

    So for example: [Player][2] Floydrose

    Floydrose has the Player rank (again that is completely aside from this plugin, just usual prefixes for server ranks) and is level 2.

    Every level has permissions as well.

    And if possible, there could also be admin commands that allow us to add/remove hours, set levels for players, etc.

    And as a final requested feature, it would be great if the plugin could somehow link to essential's AFK system and not give playing time to players listed as AFK.

    As previously stated, our server would greatly appreciate this as a favor. We would be 100% willing to credit your name in any way as well.


    Also Note: I have looked at and considered MasterPromote, which does have most of the features that would be in this plugin. But it doesn't combine the playing hours and in game money feature, which is something that I think would work really nicely.
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    Can Ontime do this, Edge209 ? Not sure about the payment thing.
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    No not really. OnTime can do the time tracking and it can handle auto promotion of the standard ranking, but adding another permissions layer (level) and facilitating the purchase of these is well outside the scope of my plugin.

    Now if you can find someone to create the leveling, permission handling, and purchasing pieces, I'm certain that it would be well within reason for OnTime to provide the time tracking, including the handling of AFK, which it already does.
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    I guess someone could use permissions to facilitate the ability the purchase levels. After 'x' minutes, OnTime will grant the user a permission node, and the user can now buy that level. I guess you could use ServerSigns to charge money for clicking on the sign.

    Seems like a cool project, but I have too many other small ones that I've promised, and a few projects I've been wanting to work on for a while, so I'll have to leave this up to others.
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    Thanks for the consideration! Any others that want to give it a shot, it would be massively appreciated (still failed to find anybody on out server to do this for us).
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    is there by any chane an event or entity that track players online time ifi can find this i will do it!
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    Use Ontime to give a made up permission like -youarelevel.one

    and then make a clickable sign and or /Command with Variable triggers that has a @IF Permission.youarelevel.0ne = true AND money = enough THEN do that thing that he said

    I could help you write this. feel free to PM me if you can't figure it out.
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    ... An entity that tracks online time?? :confused:

    No, no event for online time. But as the Kiakaha said, Ontime.
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    i ment to say event idk why i said entity

    Also this is a plugin that i just wrote because i was board check it out!

    Keep in mind i still have allot to do all it does now is gives the armor...... but please give me ideas im eager to program.

    Link: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/juggernaut/

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