Let your server know when to stop [Poll]

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by bergerkiller, Oct 22, 2011.


Did you know you have to use /stop to stop the server?

  1. Yes, of course I do!

  2. No, but my server wrapper makes sure I do!

  3. No, is that important?!

Multiple votes are allowed.
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    Since people seem to be forgetting that you need to use /stop to 'gracefully stop' the server, I am going to post this image on top of all my plugins where /stop is required for proper saving.

    In order to properly make the server close, you need to use /stop. Either invoke it in the console, or in-game, as long as you do! If you simply press the nicely-looking [X] instead, the server and the plugins attached to it will not be able to properly stop and save their important information. It could even corrupt worlds if you don't use /stop.

    Can someone add a message like this in the Bukkit server after the done message? It is pretty tiresome to reply with the same 'use /stop' 5 times a day. :p
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    wait, seriously people don't type in stop, wtf
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    @mindless728 Yep, people assume that everything is done in the background (like it is the case with Notepad), but here this is not the case.
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    wow......i guess this goes with the territory of everybody including their sister wanting to run a server though
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    I do save-all and then stop, paranoia FTW
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    I do kick *, save 2x and then save-all 2x then stop :p
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    i just unplug the computer from the wall after i log out...way faster than waiting for all that saving chunks crap.
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    The outlet is way too far to reach for. I just kick the case until it's off.
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    I usually take out the hard-drive when it needs to be stopped. =D
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    You guys make me laugh xD
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    I've never seen anyone in my life torturing their server harddrive.

    I can't stop it on the web console BUT what I do is "/save-all" then suspend the process. (I have always lag because it's usually peaks around 125% CPU. Max is 200%, so 2GB allocated to 2 cores.)
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    Why can't [X] just issue a stop command? Is it something integrated into the OS or what?
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    @MatrixJ21 In Windows this is possible yes, but the Bukkit process is not really a Windows program. It is basically a script that runs in the background, using the console as communication. When the console closes, it kills the underlying process (just like it is the case with all scripts that run in consoles), so it never receives the stop sign. It doesn't even have time to clean its self up...

    When using a server wrapper this can be avoided: then the wrapper can handle it when the window closes and perform a stop manually.

    It could be possible to handle process closing, I read some articles about 'the exit handler' in Java, but it could be this has nothing to do with console scripts.
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    Just don't answer them anymore.
    If you don't know that you have to type /stop to stop the server properly you shouldn't host a Minecraft server in my opinion. :/
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    @DomiStyle Problem is that it always starts with 'it doesn't save!', and what options to I have but to ask if they /stopped the server? At least I can copy and paste this link, saves me time :)
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    I've had to kill the process atleast 10 times and it hasn't corrupt yet. Hoping it doesn't ever.
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  17. just wow, people are soon stupid they don't use /stop! far out! i only do a hard stop when the server is frozen or it has glitched IE: when i type /stop into CONSOLE it says "Bukkit sad ;(, bukkit want you to access command"... etc. i have just corrupted the map 2 mins ago from hard stopping, lucky i have backups.
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    Lol, I'm so pro that I hard stop all the time and I've had no issues. Also, no backups :)
  19. lol, one day ur gona get stuck with a corrupted map...
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    Corrupt maps are for squares.
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    good thing i'm a circle
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    Meh, I wipe the map on my test server every time I feel like it. AInt concern me, but of course!
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    This thread is slightly terrifying. I had no idea people would just kill the process in the middle of the server running. Clearly the documentation isn't being read.

    I don't know if there is much that can be done though, as said above, the server is a java process launched from the command prompt. Hitting the red 'X' is killing the command prompt, and any running processes within.
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    That's how pros do it. I've only done it about three times. Bukkit froze and I couldn't get ingame. Couldn't get to the console either so I had to kill it.
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    imo, the "Docs" link in the navbar should be changed to "Wiki". I'd be more inclined to go to a wiki than "documentation".
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    @Zaros If the process freezes and console input is not read, it is 'a bit' safer to kill the process. It is probably in an infinite loop, not in the middle of writing data to a world file or compressing sensitive data. Plugins don't properly disable though, but it won't result in corrupted worlds and broken Configuration files.
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    @bergerkiller Never said the process is frozen. I've only have console access in the same ssh session that I start craftbukkit. I've had issues with plugins/bukkit that wouldn't let me join the game before, and others where it was actually frozen. Regardless, I'll probably setup a backup when I have spare time. Work and school keeps me busy.
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    To be honest I don't/didn't use stop, now I will.
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    Heads up, I know stewi1014 irl.
    Lol frozen eh? Wonder who could have done that.... :p

    Anyway back on topic, I normally don't have to kill the process, although at times I do when the memory builds up too high. I also got map corruption about 5 times (pisses me off). Though since I'm using RTK, I just do .stopwrapper or .hold. Most of the time the only time I really do kill it, is actually because the server still runs after the command prompt was closed cause I accidentally pressed the red X button DX.
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    Something wrong with girls running servers? :p
    It's incredible how many morons don't know this XD

    BUT, it's also kinda sad that my servers control panel (I rent) can't like issue /stop for me... damn CP.
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