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Is my idea good? :)

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    I haven't found a plugin thats like this. So here is my request of a plugin! :p

    LEP - Lightweight Essential Plugin
    lep.all - All commands (from all editions)

    The LEP should cointain all these small editions!
    All small edition should be able to be downloaded
    seperatly to work with and not block other plugins!

    It must work with PermissionsBukkit!

    I know that there are many plugins out there but not that gives this exact and lovely combination! I know about Essential yes! But it's to... messy :p

    I started learning Java and made this myself now!
    See here: Lightweight Essential Plugin

    LEP Time = Lightweight Essential Plugin - Time Edition (DONE)

    LEP Weather = Lightweight Essential Plugin - Weather Edition (DONE)

    LEP Social = Lightweight Essential Plugin - Social Edition (½ Done)

    LEP Teleport = Lightweight Essential Plugin - Teleport Edition
    I made this with TeleportationSuite Source Code: http://e.yey.nu/LEPTeleport.jar
    #1000 (Below the bordered line is the commands for this .jar)

    LEP Spawn = Lightweight Essential Plugin - Spawn Edition (DONE)

    LEP Home = Lightweight Essential Plugin - Home Edition (DONE)
    I made this with HomeX Source Code: http://e.yey.nu/LEPHome.jar
    #1000 (only /home and /sethome)

    LEP Warp = Lightweight Essential Plugin - Warp Edition (½ DONE)

    LEP KickBan = Lightweight Essential Plugin - Kick and Ban Edition

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    Daniel Heppner

    How about CommandBook? You can choose what features you want.
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    That one too feels a little bit messy :/ And it doesn't contain everything :(
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    Daniel Heppner

    Not messy at all. VERY well coded, in fact. (esp compared to Essentials... yuck)

    what does it not contain?
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    Like the /day and /night things. A command for each thing and not like a whole bible of features inside one command (example: /wheater (sun,rain,thunder....))
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    Daniel Heppner

    What's wrong with have a few commands inside one? /weather rain would just change the weather to rain, just like /time day changes the time to day. Also, you'll have more conflicts if you have millions of different commands.
    Prove to me that you need this, and I'll make it.
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    On my server I want so much I can in Swedish. So I use aliases inside bukkit.yml. For example I can set /day to /dag (day in swedish). I assume you can't do /tid day instead for /time day inside aliases....

    And that can be very usefull for other people that wants everything in thier language :p

    EDIT 2:
    And by making all these small editions. You can have parts of the plugin with other plugins that does it better. Like if you want a more advanced spawn plugin, u just don't download LEP-Spawn.jar and maybe just keep the other ones :)

    So will you do it Mr. 3,1415926535897932384626?

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    Daniel Heppner

    I might.
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    If so. I'd thank you with all of my heart! :D I'm kind of a pro at design so I'll make a website for it :)
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    There's a plugin called CommandHelper which lets you create what ever aliases you want.
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    Theres a .yml file that let's you do that too. (bukkit.yml in the main directory)
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    I think it's with the arguments , so you can do /dag = /time day
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    Will still be easier to have all these small editions with many p-nodes to make it highly customizeable for server owners ...

    And to also be able to have multi-lingual features like a .properties file for every edition.

    But maybe my "dreams" are too good to be true :p
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    Daniel Heppner

    I'll do it. And perhaps you could help me design stuff in return for any plugin request being fulfilled for you? :)
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    Ï'll design whatever I can/you want! :p

    Evey command should have it's own permission node.

    And most commands (doesn't have to be everyone) should display a message in chat that the command was successfully executed. Like if you type /home and you have a home and you teleports there, it says "Welcome Home!" in chat :p But for example a message appearing when you TP to someone feels a bit unnecessary :p

    I'd love to help with ideas during the coding of the plugin if you get a brainfreeze or something! But rember too kkep all these small things simple and not depening on eachother so they'll work nicely with other plugins :)
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    this plugins should be cool if you add mob spawning and make it compatible with Permissions 3.1.6 and also if it supports multi-home
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    I feel sorry for you....
    Good luck your gonna need it to sastisfy him, oh and btw DON'T BE MESSY hehe
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    Mmm, why not just talk to SK89 about getting some language packs system done instead? So you can do it yourself?

    I think it'd be better to make a simple site where you can select the plugins you want from a basic list of trusted, good and "essential" plugins and download them in a custom redistribution on click. Last thing we need, in my opinion, is more plugins attempting to do everything at once for everyone.
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    No, its 3.141592653589793238462643383479. That was ALL by memory.
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    You got it wrong :)

    It's 3.14159265358979323846264338327950
    You failed after 43383 :) I know that many decimals by heart! :)

    In your face! I learned Java and did it myself :cool:

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    Aww that was a typing typo. lol
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    Really? ;)
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    yeah. well i thought it was 4, so... idk.
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    Not bad, not bad at all :)
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    Haha thanks! :)
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    Very nice!
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    I LOVE U! :) I hate essencials, but this breaks it up into smaller, helpfull plugins without requring that you have everything.. :) SO GLAD I FOUND THIS!

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