.Legit (Extremely Effective Hacked Client Prevention Method)

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  1. Plugin Category: Admin Tools

    Suggested Name: .Legit or EEHCPM

    Background Info:
    I thought of this plugin about a week ago. I have been sharing it with friends, some of which own servers. Once I explained this idea to them, they were fascinated by the idea. sadly, I have no friends with extensive programming knowledge.
    I understand that nothing, I repeat nothing, can truly eliminate every hacker/cheater/glitcher from playing on servers. I estimate that, with this plugin, about 20-30%+ of hacked client users will never even get the opportunity to even play on a server.

    Logic Flow:
    Logic Flow: When a player connects to the server*, the server will send a message to the player. This message is (by default)** "Hello and welcome to (servername here)! Please type .legit in chat as fast as possible!". Instantly, a pending "request" to type .legit will appear (not in chat). The player has 5 seconds to type .legit into chat. If they do not do so, they will be kicked from the server. Upon 3 kicks, they will be banned (only if those 3 kicks are because of the .Legit plugin!).

    Why This Works:
    This works due to the "." system for most hacked clients. For more information, most hacked clients have a system in chat where if you type .(hackname here), you will turn on a hack. But, THIS MESSAGE WILL NOT SHOW UP IN CHAT! That is the principle upon which this plugin works. Therefore, even if they understand what is happening, they will have to turn off their hacks manually (if their client even has an option to do so), and then type .legit, which quite frankly, is rather hard. So, if they do not understand what is happening, they will continuously type .legit into chat without doing anything.

    A player, who uses Nodus, connects to the server. They see a message typed to them, telling them to type .legit in chat. They type .legit in chat, and press enter. They are then, 3 seconds later, are kicked.

    Problems I Can Foresee:
    1. Slow typers: They see the message, type .legit VERY SLOW, and then are kicked without pressing enter. However, even if you may have been kicked twice, you will probably have your fingers ready on the keys, so I guess this is kind of solved. Please tell me if you have any other suggestions for fixing this.
    2. Super fast typing, aware hacked client users: They see the message, are aware of the plugins ability, turn off their client, then type .legit. However, most people who use hacked clients are younger children who do not have that problem solving ability quite yet. Please tell me if you have any other suggestions for fixing this.
    3. Bypassable hacked clients and custom clients: They see the message, have no "." hack feature, type .legit, and are able to play. However, most people use the most popular hacked clients, which have this feature. Also, most do not have the coding ability to create a custom client. Please tell me if you have any other suggestions for fixing this.
    4. Counteracting updates: Perhaps, the clients may update, and remove the "." hack feature, breaking the system. This could be because of issues with the feature, or increased awareness of the .Legit plugin. However, there are not many "dedicated" hacked client forums. Please tell me if you have any other suggestions for fixing this.

    Config File Preferred Layout:

    legit.bypass (Bypass .Legit plugin and all its requests and messages) Default OP
    legit.see (See whom is kicked and or banned by .Legit) Default OP

    /legit see (See whom is kicked or banned by .Legit, requires the legit.see permission)

    More Info:
    *When a player connects to the server, they will be switched over to a different chat channel, making regular chat not spammed by ".legit"
    **All messages are customizable

    When I'd Like it By:
    Anytime is fine, preferably within a month or so.

    Thank you for reading this, please consider developing it as I feel it would benefit many servers. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to shoot me a message.
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    I'll take this project. Question: Would users need to rekey every time they log in?
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    Bobalabashabalab You do realize that the "most popular hacked clients" also have a .say feature that they can simply use to say .legit in chat?
  4. xTigerRebornx, true, but as I said before, many users are children who do not have advanced problem solving skills. Also, not all have a .say feature. Finally, even if the client does have a .say feature, it is usually unused by most, and quickly forgotten about.

    Kiaeyi, if you mean they would have to type .legit every time they joined, then yes.

    And thank you very much!
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    Bobalabashabalab Eventually, the hacked clients would be updated for this in a week's time and this plugin would be useless.
  6. xbenas Agreed. The thing is though, not all of them would update. I am not requesting a plugin that will prevent 100% of all hackers, I am requesting a plugin that will, on average, prevent 20-30% of these users. Maybe 50% or so if you are lucky. You shouldn't use this plugin as a stand alone, you should still use NoCheatPlus or AntiCheat. But, hopefully, if it gets made, this plugin will make a (even if very small) difference.
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    public void bypassTerribleIdea(PacketReceiveEvent event)
    event.packet() instanceof S02PacketChat &&
    bipesed 'nuf sed
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  9. Oh and by the way, would you allow me to upload it to BukkitDev?
  10. Why would you upload it? Why not just tell him to upload it to bukkitdev, since he made the plugin ;-;
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    the problem with this is that, someone whos not a fast typer, could easily be banned, so I think you should be able to configure the time settings.
  12. AdamQpzm I don't want credit, I just want others to be able to use it. So yes, I want it on BukkitDev
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    Most hacked clients have their own console to use (which has absolutely nothing to do with the minecraft/server chat), therefore causing this to be useless in most cases.
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    Also, Most hacked clients you can change the "." to something else like "~" or something
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    Also in nodes you do "-" instead of "."
  16. Marium0505 oscarshi1995 dsdevil True. It's obviously not going to stop most hackers, but it could stop some, and it was a really simple plugin. So there it is.
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    In some they can also change the "." to be a "," or something
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    It would be a simple one line in the hacked client to send a message back. Plus they could easily make a command to send raw, so like ".raw <text>".

    Edit: I heard that most clients are switching over to using console rather than parsing in game chat.
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    Reply to your edit: Might have been cause I just said it? :p

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    xTigerRebornx this is what I thought too. I have a hack client on my launcher and it does not use the . system. I recommend using things like NoCheat+ if you want to get rid of most hackers.
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    To be honest not at all. I was thinking of the modified client that I'm developing and just wanted to explain my answer more. I normally don't and see what other people post unless the thread is solved.
  22. There a plugins that can easily pick up on hacks, such as NoCheatPlus(Even though it's terrible at it xD) and I have found a plugin on Spigot (Still works with CB) before that can pick up on hacks. This is done from sending/receiving packets from the player using NMS
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    The problem with plugins based on NMS code is that they (in most cases) needs to be updated after every MC/bukkit update.
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