Legend Of Zelda Grass

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  1. Hi, I am requesting a very basic plugin. This plugin will make it so when a player breaks grass, it has a chance to drop money, or items. If someone can do this, please make the amount of money configurable, the item ID's configurable, and the chances also configurable.
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    good idea! :D exp would be cool to. :p
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    Sounds very easy and fast to make, I'll look into it ^^
  4. That would also seem really Cool :)
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    This would be pretty cool, imagine making a new kind of game, zelda in minecraft server ^^ with redstone puzzles and everything :p
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    Ya and you could give redstone dust as a rare drop and hvae it give you hearts. :p
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  8. thanks, found a way. sadly doesn't support color for messages though.
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    It's probably an oversight that will get changed, but section signs (§) should work fine for color.
  10. Ight. Thanks ^^

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