Learn to make (bukkit)plugins or not?

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by NoLife, Feb 22, 2015.

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    Hello Bukkit

    I have trying to learn java before. But after 1 month i was not finding it fun anymore. Now i not remeber any syntaxs. But i understand how codes are builds. i can say that a object is a object, just by looking how it "name", is being uset. would you mean it's okay to begin learning to make plugins with the knowledge. or it's best to learn jave from the beggining again?

    I hope you understand what i means, my english is not the best. Just ask if you not understand a thing of what i have write.

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    I started learning plugins from a very basic understanding of java, and it is working out fine for me. However, I would say that it will be hard to get started, you will have to use a lot of google, but you will catch on.
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    @NoLife um what do you know? try make plugins. then if you have hard time then relearn java.
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    @NoLife Maybe making plugins will make you remember the syntax? Try them, and maybe if you have forgotten, re-learn Java
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    I will try making/learn to make plugins, I hobe i will remeber the syntaxs ;)
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    I never even learned java properly, just learned from trial and error with the bukkit api.
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