Leaky, our bug tracker, is back - now powered by JIRA!

Discussion in 'Bukkit News' started by EvilSeph, Nov 26, 2011.

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    Thanks for all the work, keep the good work !! :)
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    Now we know who we can go to if things go wrong!
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    The only issue with DB is that you can't update through MCMA. So on servers like mine where you pay a company to run your server so you cant access your files. We need an RB!
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    In the meantime, try harassing your provider to allow you to choose between Recommended Builds and Dev builds.
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    All I want is an update on how we are coming along with the RB. I wasn't harassing. And I would rather contact MCMA to allow a DEV build update button. Maybe you guys could colab by allowing MCMA to do that.
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    I meant harassing in a good way. There is nothing in the Bukkit organization stopping MCMA from doing that, just requires MCMA to build in that functionality.

    The bugs are still being squashed. I don't think anyone wants a buggy RB as it defeats the purpose of RB's.
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    the... dev ...build .... so smooth.... no lag.... *wheeze*
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    and no bukkit 1.0.0 yet...
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    Deleted user

    LMFAO xD
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    need 1.0 to come out in build form! Thnx
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    You may want to post this on the homepage :) Just a thought. Awesome work guys!
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    How do u install?
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    .... You put it in the folder that your other snapshot is currently located, and delete the old one, then change your server launcher to say 1.0.0 instead of 0.0.1
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    Bye Leaky :'(
    I will miss you!
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    Man I haven't seen a build take this long since hMod... any idea when an RB will be selected? I'm already running the current builds but a lot of plugins refuse to update before an actual RB is appointed.
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