Leaky, our bug tracker, is back - now powered by JIRA!

Discussion in 'Bukkit News' started by EvilSeph, Nov 26, 2011.

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    Shortly before we left for Minecon we posted an announcement that our bug tracker, Leaky, was experiencing technical difficulties. Unfortunately, the server Leaky was hosted on suffered a hard drive failure and our attempts to recover the data were unsuccessful. We have a backup of our data, but felt that it would be better to start afresh and keep on top of issues being reported as the old Redmine powered Leaky was very messy and not as actively maintained as we would have liked.

    As a result, we have set up a new issue tracker powered by JIRA hosted through Atlassian’s OnDemand service. This service provided by Atlassian is tailored to provide a more robust, reliable and responsive service along with daily backups, which we feel is exactly what we need to provide everyone with the best issue tracker solution possible.

    The new tracker can be accessed from https://bukkit.atlassian.net (and later from http://leaky.bukkit.org once the DNS changes have propagated).

    If you previously had an issue on Leaky that still exists in the latest builds, you’ll need to recreate the issue under this new system. Unfortunately, as this is a new system, you’ll be required to register an account to use the new issue tracker. We require registrations in an effort to promote higher quality tickets being made from people who are serious about helping us out with detailed issue reports.
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    Sorry to hear about the loss, but hey, new system!

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    Excellent news and great work. The UI looks great this time around. :)
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    No more bug reports on the forums! Yay!
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    I know you get this question EVERY day but when is the final bukkit build going to be done?
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    I will admit, JIRA is quite nice. Hope you guys like it as much as the TShock crew do.
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    Oh dear god it's jira....
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    Oh s*** son
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    YAY!!! LEAKY!!!
  10. I just cant wait for bukkit 1.0.0~~!
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    Welcome back!
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    It would be nice to have access to the old backup of leaky, that way we could copy the old unfixed bugs to the new system.
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    If you know they get this question everyday, why bother asking if it's answered everyday?
    A RB will be released when it's ready, asking doesn't expedite the process. There's about one hundred instances of that question and one hundred answers. They are all the same. It will be released when it's ready. There is no ETA, and there will not be one.
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    You wont need a bug tracker when theres no bugs to report because nobody can use any version of Bukkit.
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    You can use a dev-build of bukkit.
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    for everyone constantly asking for bukkit 1.0.0, just go Here and grab the latest build. been running bukkit 1.0.0 on my server since 1.0.0 came out

    just make sure you have backups ect first, but ive had no problems with the dev builds
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    But since there are publicly available dev builds for 1.0, and the only reason they aren't recommended builds is that there are still some bugs that need finding and fixing, they really need a bug tracker. Leaky being down, and many people not knowing about the interim solution that was in place, certainly didn't speed up a release.
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    Don Redhorse

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    Doesn't vBulltin use this as well?
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    ah good old JIRA (same thing SL uses)
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    Great choice with Jira.
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    JIRA was a good choice, it is great to work with.
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    This is getting ridiculous with bukkit not updating. Honestly, make this a business, or make this some dumb experimental progress. Some of us would be happy to pay a small fee monthly for much faster updates. At this point I am sort of saying pull it together here guys.
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    @jckmcgraw Why don't you guys understand that you can get a fairly stable, working copy of CraftBukkit right from here! Just because they haven't posted a recommended version, doesn't mean that they haven't been updating it, and the latest stable build has always been working wonderfully for me (although backups never hurt!)
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    I appreciate everything bukkit is doing, but I miss hMod at times like these... it's been over a week, this is rather depressing for my server. It seems like the current version is fine, just freaking recommend it already so Spout and other plugins can update! I understand I come off rather entitled, but I have donated to bukkit in the past! Come on guys, you're letting your community down!

    Precisely - recommend it, bukkit! You're killing us here, we'd rather have bugs than deal with not having a server (with the seed now visible in vanilla, I can't host my server on 1.0 without Spout which is so terrible in it's dev version that it's not working on macs... we need an update, Bukkit!)
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    Spout keeps their devs builds up-to-date with the craftbukkit dev builds? And the thing is, if they make an RB out of the current dev build we ALL know there will be the couple 100 people coming on here to complain about this bug, or that bug. Don't rush it, they are working there asses off and I can't imagine how annoying it is to be rushed none stop. With 1.0 I can't imagine all the stuff notch changed around and added, this only makes their job that much harder. As everyone always says be patient, it's not hurting your server that they haven't put out an RB. Think about it, if your server doesn't have one, then nobodies does, so no one is getting an advantage on you.

    My advice to you is to create a backup of your server and then try updating to the dev builds of both craft and spout. Most plugins should still work fine on them
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    To all developers and CB Staff, :cool: YOU GUYS ARE FANTASTIC :D
    Many thanks for all the hard work and your own time you put into this.
    We have been running CB dev build 1.0's for a while now and getting close all ready to having our own individual flavour of minecraft back :p
    Only one thing i would suggest is you maybe think about recruiting someone to be assigned to adjusting your front page with simple BOLD updates more frequently and a better link to your dev builds on jenkins , so you can all get on with what really counts. (We know you are all ready, that is those not to dumb to realise it ! ) Even if updated in forum the front home page feels a little neglected:oops:
    Obviously i understand that many dont read or still ask questions they dont need too, hell i run a server and get the same and more lol but as the front page is the first port of call i do feel a benifit would be gained if someone could spare a couple of minutes every day or two just to say "hey been working on dev build, still going great and grab one HERE if you want to, but we are not ready yet nor do we feel that it is of satisfactory standard to give it a recommended Build status at the present time, This shouldn't take much longer, we are working as hard& fast as we can, thank you for your patience" kind of thing , and just a 1 or 2 lines added every day or so to say few more bugs done, getting closer to RB and maybe new dev build released, now at version **** .
    I can understand all the time and effort you put in and finding time to alter course and change the front page may be awkward or last in your priorities but noticed the front page latest post around a week after release was still showing the post from before minecon when you were looking forwards to going . Do you know someone who could do it?
    This is Not a criticism ! as i said you guys are FANTASTIC ;)and the UNPAID work you put into this is simply amazing, just think you are maybe setting yourselves up for more flack from mindless Moaners when a slightly quicker update on the front page and a bolder get dev build here showing how much work you are putting into this would have kept a lot of people better informed and busy setting up a server with the dev build instead of moaning and wasting your time and thiers commenting.
    Keep up the great work guys, thank you again so much for the ability to mod our own server the way we want using your fantastic FREE version :D
    For those people saying you would pay to get it quicker :mad:? "SLAP" that is an insult and no doubt hurtfull to these guys:'(, they are working their nuts off, DONATE if you can afford too, simple !
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    Fell happy to know that Bukkit is using Jira, being an Atlassian employee, Minecraft player and Bukkit user :)
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    ***sobs*** rb.......rb..
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