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    Plugin category: Fun, RPG

    Suggested name: LoLCraft

    What I want: A plugin capable of making an arena, setting spawn-nexus-inhibitors-turrets and minions, let the players join it, set a map, include some champions (Ashe, Darius, Jax, Master Yi etc.), change the player's skin to the character's they have selected, include an Item Store, give the player a weapon corresponding to the one the character uses in LoL (bow for Ashe, axe for Darius etc.) and by right-clicking while having the weapon in hand, select the ability they want to use.

    Ideas for commands: /lolcraft setspawn [pink, blue] - self-explanatory
    /lolcraft setnexus [pink, blue] - sets each team's nexus to be destroyed
    /lolcraft setinhib [pink, blue] - sets the inhibitors for each team
    /lolcraft setturr [pink, blue] - spawns a dispenser which targets opponents
    /lolcraft gamearena [arena name] - creates a new arena
    /lolcraft leave - self-expalanatory
    Player Sign:
    Players:[number here]
    Pink team: [number here]
    Blue team: [number here]

    Join Sign:

    [arena name here]

    Character Select Sign:
    [character name]

    Ideas for permissions: lolcraft.admin (OP only) - Allows usage of all commands

    When I'd like it by: ASAP:) (I know it is complicated, so feel free to PM me for any clarification)[creeper]
    Suggested Map(Summoner's Rift): <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    Suggested skin links:

    Darius(skin download): http://www.planetminecraft.com/skin/darius-league-of-legends/download/file/4723319/
    Jax: http://www.planetminecraft.com/skin/league-of-legends-jax/
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    lightspot21 Skin changes are impossible unless a player is using those skins
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    Yep his Right Changes Skin are impossible
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    I would do this, if other devs collaborate, like team up and do this, all by myself i dont have time
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    Unless he changes who they think the player is, which would also change their name ofc.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Like I said: unless a player is using those skins
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    This is a quite large project. I don't think anybody has the time to do it that fast...
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    My mistake, I thought you meant the players PLAYING had to use it.
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    Anyway, if changing skins is impossible, then I should find another way of indicating the character a player uses. Can you suggest some?

    PS. Is it possible to:
    • colorize player names w/a color according to their character and/or add a prefix to the player name (eg. [Darius] in red or [Ashe] in blue) even by using other plugins and hooks?
    • have a private chat ONLY for the map in which the games will take place?
    • introduce bounties, Double kills, Triple killls, Quadrakills and Pentakills (announced like this:
    Player [player name here] has made a [double, triple etc. ]kill!
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    heads, armor
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    Do you mean having a dyed leather armor according to their character( e.g. an armor looking like Darius or Ashe which the players will get upon entering on the arena)?
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    I have seen on another server when an admin used a command everyone else has the same skin and nametag as you. I don't know though
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    But that is also changing the nametag to somebody that is using that skin, in order to use a different skin a premium player has to use that skin, you can't show skins from a link.
    That is what I am trying to say
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    Yea like your name is Example and the guy with the champion skin is called Potato
    Your displayName, nametag and tablist name is going to be Potato
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    Is it possible to just make a dyed leather armor by using the skins as a template?
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    You can only dye leather armor, and not per pixel but the entire piece
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    an alternate to skin changes are disguising the player as that skin like in disguise plugins where you can disguise as any player
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    I'd be up for this.
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    Or use wool blocks on a players head with the properties of <inset armor piece here>
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    Great idea! I shall make it.

    Sure added ya

    PM me your skype if your still up for it, help would be appreciated!

    Same as above, PM me your skype if ya wanna help.
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    I posted about this but it wasnt approved. My idea was not in an arena but the server itself.

    Mind to work on it together ? Hook me on skype

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    Then how are we gonna make it clear to the players who uses which champion?
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    You can use a costumized texturepack
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    confuserr lightspot21 Add me on skype if you are interested. I have no idea why harry pussied out suddenly but ill not give up.

    Skype: live:m0n0clinkm0n0clink
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    Maybe we should just stick with the colored chat prefixes and names...

    (prefix in red)[Darius]m0n0clink> something here...
    (prefix in yellow)[Jax]lightspot21>example
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    What's the point of making a gamemode of a game that allready exist and that is free ??

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