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    Plugin category: Mini Games

    Suggested name: Lava Run

    What I want: So how this will work is that you start at the bottom and need to do a parkour all the way to the top. Once you start it the lava will start to rise to the top. I will also live it if you can do a lava escape that you will need to do a parkour and behind you is the lava. I will like there to be able to set up arenas and you can set the limit of players to those.

    If possible I will like status signs that people can right click and bring them in the arena and show the arenas status.

    Ideas for commands:
    /lr start {A admin can force start it}
    /lr join {Person can join a active arena}
    /lr reload {Reload plugin}

    Ideas for permissions:
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    I actually really like the idea for this plugin. I would love to make it under one condition: make a good parkour map that I can use as a default schematic. That way the users won't have to waste time building their own and they can test it out right away!

    PM me whenever you'd like if you want to discuss details.

    I can't give a good time estimate, but hopefully I'll have time to get a test version out by the end of the week.

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    Well all I wanted was a manual control so like when you place the lava block it will spread out but I can see on making a parkour :p

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