LARGE server RAM / CPU Usage as of 1.6.6 - Just some info for those of you who don't know

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Latros, Jun 5, 2011.

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    PRE 1.6: 100 players == ~10GB of RAM
    PRE 1.6: 100 players == ~40-70% CPU (with an X3470)

    POST 1.6 (now): 100 players == 2-4 GB of RAM
    POST 1.6 (now): 100 players == 5-20% CPU (with an X3470)

    Kind of amazing. We had 140 players online and it was using 4 Gigs. Now I feel like my 24 GB box is a waste, lol.

    Plugins used:
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    Your OS is more important than the those hard numbers.

    Don't be fooled by that ram use. I suspect your world is border guarded fairly close probably <4000 or even closer.

    140 people spread over a map of 16,000x16,000 with people free to move where they wish with no border guard would show you a Ram use of far higher as peoples personal Ram bubbles grow huge as they adventure alone into unloaded chunks eating up ram all the while they travel. A single user can eat up nearly 1 gig of ram in solo travel in undiscovered territory in an hours time, easily.

    The number of worlds you have loaded and used matters greatly as well. A nether loaded an nearly unused is nothing. But 3 full worlds, without border guard used by the full server, as well as nether and other fun worlds used on demand, etc, and your server would use far more ram.

    24 GB is overkill for Minecraft, but considering the state of things, you are very well off, lots of room to let your users run wild, add more plug-ins, and even go world edit crazy without worry for quite a while if at all before a natural restart of the console.

    Although soon enough 24GB for a Minecraft Server truly will be over kill.
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    What do you mean "PRE" and "POST"?
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    Before = Pre
    After = Post
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    Before and after.

    Good to know. What/how many plugins are you running on that server ?

    Edit : Didn't see the screenshot.
    Pretty good ! What host are you using ? :)
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    That is, you want to say that recommending build server 818, 100 players and uses only 2-4GB of memory? Do not believe it. :)
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    Hmm, quad core machine. I like this. Means I can advertise my server more :p

    Thanks for the information :)
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    As long as you have 2+ cores, clock-cycles should be your primary concern and of course ram. Cores more than 2, especially 4, matter very little right now unless the machine is also used to surf, MySQL, webhost, etc. Speed reigns supreme.
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    3.4 GHz, running very minimal server intensive processes on the side. 8GB RAM, upgrading to 16GB in the next few days. :)
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