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    New Liberty, a very popular, unique and sophisticated server, is currently in the search of highly skilled, very knowledgeable and mature coders / web-developers.
    Developers with expertise who are interested in working with a professional, adult, proficient and experienced team, affiliated with a server that has skyrocketed to lay amongst the top in the world, should take a moment to read and consider the following request for skilled people.
    There are per-job as well as long-term affiliations / partnerships positions available.
    About the server:
    New Liberty is one of the most unique servers out there. With a loyal and dedicated community, high popularity and population, and extraordinary features that you will not find anywhere else we focus above all else on providing an innovative, high quality and professional experience for our players.

    About the Positions:

    (Website Developers)
    To apply as a website developer, you will need to contact us directly, there is no application. However, you will need to disclose your age and identity, and have examples of your work as well as at least one professional reference.

    Currently, we are ideally looking for people who:
    • Are experienced, have references, evidence of expertise and full know-how on their particular skillset. Mature attitude and drive to become part of a growing business.
    • Can create a website and maintain it from scratch, that fully functions and looks professional, including advanced website features and know-how to have the website and server integrated together.
    • (Optional) Have experience with Xenforo
    (Plugin Developer)

    Currently, we are looking for people who:
    • Have clear evidence of their past work and experience
    • Can code plugins from scratch
    • Can edit the source of other plugins
    • Can work in a professional, timely and above all else, high quality manner
    You can apply for a position with our team at:
    (You can also just take the application from there and post it in a reply here if you don't want to make an account)

    About the Rewarding Nature of the Task:

    If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, skill, decication, maturity and need for accomplishment, then there is nothing more rewarding than this opportunity. Whether you are looking for a single job, some form of long-term affiliation, or a true partnership, working with New Liberty is the best way to get your name out there, and true reward for your work at the same time. As one of the top servers, being able to say you have worked for the best of the best can help your path of achievement hasten.

    More About Us:

    You can learn more about us and our server by visiting our website here:

    You can contact me directly by adding Brvtvs0 on skype. Include a brief summary of who you are in the contact request please or it will not be accepted.
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    There are still open positions.
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    What plugins would need creating?
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    • IGN: Not quite sure.... My name is Jake :D
    • Age:12, But i have a lot of potential in developing
    • Timezone: UK, London
    • Experience as a developer: Worked with Java Before and can write simple coding
    • Knowledge/Experience with Java 1-10 (10 being the best): 6
    • Examples of you work with Bukkit: None really but i make simple installation as to how to install bukkit
    • Why you are interested: I would like the experiance and I take all information onboard and will continue to learn
    • Approximately how long it would take you to program a simple plugin: I havent really tried probably 2-3 days depending on time and stuff
    • Are you on any other servers: My Server
    • How long do you plan to stay on New Liberty: As long as I am needed
    • How long have you been on the server: A few times
    • Skype name: TheAterix
    • Recommendations (prominent players or staff, not your buddy from middle school) Get them to post in this thread as well:
    • Do you agree to the New Liberty Employment Agreement: Yes
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    This is more of a long term contracting/on staff type situation because we don't have a mass of plugins that need creating, we just have needs that arise and necessitate reliable and skilled people. An example of what you might do would be editing plugins to help us make slight customizations or avoid exploits, creating fairly simple plugins that add intuitive features to the game (like ways that you use an item, simple managing of interaction events) and maybe some bigger projects. You would probably need to be familiar or capable with the PEX and vault API.

    I am sorry to say that these positions are not right for you. We are looking for people who can and already have done the type of work we need done, we are not running a school for programmers.
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    • IGN: Kezz101
    • Age: 15
    • Timezone: GMT
    • Experience as a developer: Developed loads of plugins in the past. I have also got a very large amount of experience in running a server. I ran my own very successful server for the past 2 years, so I am very familiar with the most popular Bukkit plugins.
    • Knowledge/Experience with Java 1-10 (10 being the best): 8
    • Examples of you work with Bukkit: Here, here and here. However I have since moved my focus to making plugins per requests of people that need to use them.
    • Why you are interested: I extremely enjoy coding in general. So mainly to satisfy my needs :) However there is also a bit of wanting to help people and other servers.
    • Approximately how long it would take you to program a simple plugin: About an hour or so. Larger plugins may take a day or two.
    • Are you on any other servers: Yes, I currently develop for one other server. However this will have no effect on my dedication to New Liberty.
    • How long do you plan to stay on New Liberty: As long as I am needed.
    • How long have you been on the server: Haven't yet...
    • Skype name: kezzy00
    • Do you agree to the New Liberty Employment Agreement: Yup!

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