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    Suggested name: LandMine
    What I want: When you place a stone pressure plate and you walk on it, it will explode like a normal tnt. If you don't got the permission LandMine.use you can't place a landmine (only a normal pressure plate). If you use /lm (or /landmine) on/off it will turn it on or off.
    Ideas for commands:
    /landmine on/off (turns the plugins off)

    Ideas for permissions: LandMine.use LandMine.toggle

    When I'd like it by: Whenever you finish it.
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    Raw Discovery

    I dont really see the point in this. Just put tnt then a normal block then pressure plate and BOOM! Landmine.
  3. But when you walk on it the tnt takes 5 seconds to explode so you can easily run away
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    Hello MinecraftPlayer8. I have started working on this plugin, I will make a BukktiDev page for the plugin when I am done :D

    Kind Regards:
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    MinecraftPlayer8 I will make a little different with the commands, instead of "/landmine on" I will make "/landmine give" and then it will give the player 1 LandMine that they can place. I will also add a config.yml
  6. Could you maybe add a crafting recipe? then /landmine give? (I dont need commands then)
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    possible to do with commandblocks... (pressureplate, block, commandblock), and type in (might be a bit different) /summon ~0 ~3 ~0 PrimedTNT{fuse:1F)
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    I will also make a recipe.
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    Isnt shadow5353 doing this?
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  10. Onlineids he made it but you can only get a landmine with /landmine give, that is not what i requested. (I want that my players can use it too)
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    Then tell him to change it? Or ask him for the code ill edit it to your liking.
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    MinecraftPlayer8 Here, I can do it. I'll make it a crafting recipe with two smooth stone on the sides and a TNT in the middle. Give me a couple minutes.
  14. Maurdekye Ok, thanks for making a other plugin that i requested.
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  16. Maurdekye Thanks for making this (it works).

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