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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by brendanhf, Nov 4, 2012.

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    I have a VERY surprisingly similar set up, and just today I ran VisualVM and flying forward to force some chunks to load caused a slight increase (7%).
    The only difference in our set up is my motherboard isn't as nice, 5mb more dl speed, and a larger SSD. Also my i7 isn't a K edition.
    Nice specs :3

    Also you could try WorldBorder to set like a 10k border on your map then generate all the chunks within that and let it sit, on that setup I doubt it would take more then 30 minutes tops.
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    I already have world border on 1 15k radius. I let it generate for 3 hours and it only got 7.5% finished...and we're still having these issues : (
    Also, i thought craftbukkit was single how is it using all 4 cores :confused:
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    If I'm not mistaken the network activity is multithreaded, so having more cores could only help. Use VisualVM, you'll se theres write and read thread for every connection on your server.
    It also helps if your world is somewhat already generated before doing a full gen I suppose, it took like 10 minutes to fill the gaps on my 1.1 world.

    Current with 16 people on my server is between 7% - 15% cpu, using approximately 500mb of ram. Having 16gb of fast ram, it's the last of my concerns, when developing some custom plugins I always aim for efficient code even if it uses more ram, a example would be caching config stuff if they are used frequently, it barely uses 800 bytes of ram but maybe saves a 0.1% of cpu since it's chat related. Oh the micro optimizations :3
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    The reason of Lag can be many many many things. First of all
    is your SERVER laggy?
    or just minecraft for you?

    Its always not best idea to play MC on ur hosted device.
    But anyways,
    -Check internet connection speed? (is it even good? at LEAST i would say is: 10MB per sec down and up.
    -Your computer seems perfectly fine, except in your batch to start your server is stupid...
    you have:
    What you are actually saying is, use 12GB of ram to start my server
    with the usage of a MAXIMUM of 12GB of ram for my server......
    Not very smart:/
    Go with something for averaged at least...
    Start with only 1Gb then work your way up to 12GB.
    (1024MB is 1Gb)

    Hopefully helps, sorry if i didn't :/

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    Craftbukkit itself is only a single thread, however java will use other threads for things like garbage collection and other various core java functions.
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    Well, I rent a dedicated server and it comes with a 100Mbit dedicated port so I dont think that that is an issue. I also changed the java setup with the xincgc setup although the TPS still drops to about 10 TPS with 60 players. Anybody have any idea? I would really appreciate some help.

    I just did a recheck and it doesnt seem that the chunkloading is causing the issue atm. This is my nolagg examine file
    Thank you!

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    Thanks you for the report, looks interesting.

    What your NC+ version? Be sure you use the latest: (244 has some cool performance improvements).

    For a temp solution you could try to disable VehicleMorePackets check. Go to ./plugins/NoCheatPlus and open config.yml with your notepad or any other editor you prefer:
    active: true <--- change that to false
    actions: cancel vl>10 log:morepackets:0:2:if cancel
    Save. Now do /ncp reload or restart your server and check if the that spike still shows up or not.

    This will allow hacking with vehicles (speed and such), so if you don't want to allow that then don't.

    Do your players use vehicles (minecarts) often on the server?
    Do some more examines if you can, just to be sure...

    Maybe asofold can take a look at this part of the NC+ code.
    Ping asofold
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    Hello, I am using the newest version of NC+. I also just tried to disable VehicleMorePackets although we are running at about 13.1 TPS with 72 players.
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    I am having the same exact problem as OP.

    The chunk provider is lagging us up something hard since 1.4.2.

    I reduced our plugins down to a very very small handful, only what we absolutely need for protection, and we still experience the issue. 40/60 we get down to about 4TPS.

    Is there anyone running 1.4.2 and up without this lag? Is it because we are using a 1.3.2 map on a 1.4.2 bukkit?

    I have been pulling my hair out over this, and was hoping I could find someone else experiencing the same thing.
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    I always use the latest development build of Craftbukkit on the NC+ TestServer and I never had such lag issues with it. However the tester there don't walk around very far, they mostly stay all at the spawn-point and I also use a 1.3.2 map.
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    I also have this problem, when moved to 1.4.4/1.4.5
    You just wait for beta or recomended craftbukkit for 1.4.5

    My map is from 1.2.5 :)
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    Has this been reported to the Bukkit team?

    We won't get a fix unless they know about it, I just wish I understood why it was happening so it would be easier to troubleshoot.
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    Is the lag with no plugins? I switched to he 1.4.5 beta and my lag issue went away.
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    I tried to use spigot and lowed the chunk loading a bit from 1000 and also lowered the view distance to 7 and now we are running at 20 tps with 80 people :D Thanks for everybody trying to help!
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    It's hard to troubleshoot the issue, but I haven't tried NO plugins.

    I tried a very small handful of our most essential plugins (Essentials, Vault, GoldIsMoney, LWC, Towny etc) and we still lagged.

    Currently as I type this we have 35 people at 7TPS with a view distance of 3. It's strange because we could normally handle 60/60 with an upwards of 150 plugins with only minor minor lag here and there, it was beautiful.

    Out of nowhere, we can hardly use our essential plugins without dropping to such a low TPS. According to my NoLagg exam file, it's "Chunk Load" that is causing the issue, and it's not something that normally lagged like that.
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    If you started your server with the -xmx12G -xms12G would the essentials /gc command show that 12 gb of ram is allocated right at startup? And if you started it with -xmx1G - xms12G would the essentials /gc command show the server start with 1 gb allocated then slowly build up allocated ram until it reaches 12gb?
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    Spigot really does help with this issue, if not totally absolves it, but unfortunately, Towny is not compatible with it, hence the reason we can't switch to it. I would love to see an official statement from any of the Bukkit team with insight on what is going on.

    It's killing us :(
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    Your servers CPU is taking a beating, your responce times are litraly about 3.5x the amount of mine. Try using Spigot.
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