Problem/Bug Lag and low tps

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by MisterGiant, Dec 18, 2015.

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    I'm admin on a server with around 30 players online and 50 at max and we're having alot of laggspikes. We don't know what it is but I think it isn't the ram. We never go under 500MB of free memory but our tps sometimes goes under 15. The chat is normal but breaking blocks is a hell, also walking can teleport you back and opening chests can take some time. What could the problem be?

    • Coreprotect
    • WorldEdit
    • Installer
    • Skript
    • Rewardvoting
    • Essentialschat
    • PermissionsEx
    • mcMMO
    • Vault
    • EssentialsSpawn
    • MassiveCore
    • CompatNoCheatPlus
    • Auctions
    • SilkSpawners
    • NoCheatPlus
    • Factions
    • Combatlog
    • Autorank
    • LaggRemover
    Current TPS: 17 - 16
    Free memory: 1400MB
    Around 8000 loaded chunks.
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    This sounds like it's a problem with plugins getting "triggered" when a block is broken

    These plugins might be the cause of "block break " lag(they may check if a block has been broken.) If the plugin does any background checks if the player has permission to break a block, or if they do any looping or checking of other things (how many players are around, what type of blocks are around) If you can stop using some of the following plugins, or can at least test out if a plugin is causing a majority of the lag, you may be able to reduce some lag on your server.
    These are some plugins that might cause "genralized" lag. Most likely, the generalized lag is caused by repeating tasks, or checking something every time a player moves. Since those to things may happen several times a second, it may cause some lag on your server. If you can deal without some of the following plugins, or again test out which plugins may be taking up the lost memory space, you may be able to reduce the amount of lag.
    That is a extremely large amount of chunks being loaded. You should try to find a way of decreasing this number. Storing and updating all of these chunks takes memory, so if you can reduce the amount of loaded chunks (there are a few plugins that do this) you may be able to reduce some lag.

    TL : DR; First, find a way to reduce the amount of loaded chunks in your world. If that does not reduce the amount of lag on your server ,remove unneeded plugins and go through one-by-one which plugins cause a majority of the lag. Once you find those plugins, deal with those plugins as you wish either by removing them or finding a replacement for them. If everything listed here does not work, then find a way of getting more memory space.
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    Use spigot temporarily or permanent.

    Enable timings and let it run for 30 minutes or more, preferably when there is lag.
    /timings on
    After 30minutes+:
    /timings paste
    /timings off
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