Labyrinth Generation (based off algorithms)

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    It would be awesome if someone could make a plugin which generates worlds based off of algorithms such as the Recursive Division algorithm, Eller's algorithm, or others.

    I can't make a monetary offer here as per the rules, but if you contact me outside of this forum, we might be able to arrange a reward.

    Here are some more details of what I have in mind.
    • Let the user the size of a square for the algorithm (ie. 2x2, 5x5, etc)
    • Let the user height (variably)
    • Let the user choose what blocks are used, like 'stonebrick' or 'stone' in the config. Preferably, there would be an option to choose a floor block, wall block, and/or blocks for other sections, perhaps similarly to how the Bukkit plugin RegionForSale can rebuild regions.
    • Give options for automatically lighting up the areas with torches, or adding details such as fences or cobwebs
    • Be able to use different algorithms (Many useful ones are shown on this page about maze-generation)
    (features in bold are more important)

    Might anyone be able to create this?

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