KoTH (King of The Hill) Plugin

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    Plugin category: PvP

    Suggested name: KoTH

    What I want: I want it to look similar to this : http://imgur.com/a/E49lw. So when someone is capturing in the square, it will say in chat how much longer someone has to capture it. I want it to have a custom rewards so we can add custom rewards whenever.

    Ideas for commands: /koth time (show the KoTH's and when they will be starting), /koth forcestart, /koth create {arena name}, /koth claim (where you claim where the arena will be), /koth captureclaim (where you set where the capture limits are)

    Ideas for permissions: It doesn't matter

    When I'd like it by: today
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    I like the idea, however there is not anyone who will and can make it in a day.
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    The Fancy Whale

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