Kits Are improperly Defined?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by J0HNNY3T3ARZ, Oct 28, 2013.

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    hi, im new to the bukkit forums but i havent found a result for this problem i set up donator kits and gave permissions for the certain kits to each donor rank my essentials.config is here:
    also if it matters my server ip is thanks!
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    i tried that now in the console it says this: 28.10 20:31:56 [Server] INFO ^
    28.10 20:31:56 [Server] INFO create new pastetoolsapiarchivefaq
    28.10 20:31:56 [Server] INFO in "<string>", line 3, column 1:
    28.10 20:31:56 [Server] INFO expected '<document start>', but found Scalar
    28.10 20:31:56 [Server] SEVERE The file /plugins/Essentials/config.yml is broken, it has been renamed to /plugins/Essentials/config.yml.broken.1383006716630
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