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    I have KitPVP on my server, well i'm building the server. But when user goes to KitPvP and takes kit, teleports back to another wold and then still has that kit, i would need a way that EVERY time they go to KitPvP world they have clean inventory only the item i want them to have.
    + I need plugin, when user goes to nay of worlds (Survival. Creative...) they will get items that i allow them, and/or the items they had, like for Survival.
    I'm using multiverse for multible maps, maybe there is a plugin for these things, but i couldn't find any.

    Hope i get help :)
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    Raw Discovery

    Well you most likely need Multiverse-Inventories. That plugin is REALLY helpful for multiworlds that cant be interferred with each other. go ahead and install that. when you have it, it should keep the world inventories apart from each other. Click Here

    If I am misunderstanding what you need please tell me.
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    For the Kit PvP, I'd use KingKits ( - it's what I use. It wipes players' inventories every time they join/leave, and they don't drop items when they die & there's a way to prevent dropping via pressing Q etc in the config.
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