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    Plugin category: PVP

    Suggested name: TCPVP

    What I want:
    i would like to see a plugin that
    opens up a GUI every time a player respawns [or a item in the inventory that opens up a gui everytime a player respawns]
    custom kit message like
    [PVP] you selected kit <kitname>
    [PVP] Your Kit Abbilty is still in CoolDown
    (i would like the messages customizable in the config or message.yml)
    i would like to see kits have diffrent abbilty like let says kit 'kangaroo' has the abbility to jump higher !
    or kit pyro has a special item to light players on fire !
    I would like to see PvPkits in the gui (with MushroomStew)
    I would like to see a bit of diffrent kits like normal kits (iron gear diamond sword) for the normal players
    and some awesome kits with cool abbilitys for the donators ! (like kit kangaroo listed above)
    I would like the option to disable it in other worlds
    Also i would like a GuiMenu for players where they can select their kit!
    Here is a example of the plugin i would love to have but then with the features above listed!
    (it might help you on the idea i want)

    Ideas for commands: /pvp reload

    Ideas for permissions: TCPVP.<kitname>

    When I'd like it by: as soon as possible

    I just heared from my players that they would also love if it are signs they can click to select! (they dont care if its a gui or a sign !)

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