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    I need a plugin that is similar to factions. I want to make it so only admins can make the groups, so obviously add the permissions. Im not sure if u can just editor support the faction plugin, so either way works.

    I need it so that every time u do something good, like kill a player or mob, find diamond ore, etc., you get points for ur team, And if have a high percentage of the teams points, then u can use more tan u have gotten, but if u have a small percentage, then u can use than u have earned. What do points do, they help you claim land, i need to be able to design areas, and some platform in the middle of the area, the opposing team will have a certain amount of points invested in the area to protect it, and if u can use a command to use ur teams points (u have to pay more than they have in the area) and u have to stay in the disk for a time (the amount of time is based on the amount of points used) and wen the time us done, the land is yours.

    So someone pls make this for me. And if u do, then either PM me or reply.
    And if this is to much than can u make a simple sign command, so u can make a sign that says [F claim], and then it does the command. i can tinker with the perms to make it so u can only do it using the signs.
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    Just restrict users from making factions, using Permissions?
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    Read the whole thing before posting. Thats not the only thing i need.

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