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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Sachxn_, Jul 25, 2021.

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    Name: Killing stats

    Version: Latest 1.11 release

    Dependencies: PlaceholderAPI latest version

    Description: Records kills, deaths and kill streak for players and calculates the KD ratio to 1 decimal place. Players can view their own stats or stats of another player by using /stats. The player's stats should be displayed in a GUI which cannot be altered. In the GUI the player’s head, which has their stats being shown, should be displayed and should be non interactable. There should be place holders which allow these stats to be shown on other displays e.g. on scoreboards. By doing /stats top kills/deaths/kdr/streak people can view who has the highest stats in each one of those fields. The stats should be saved when the server goes offline in a file, which file it’s stored in I don’t mind.

    Example of the gui:


    Hovering over the head:


    General Commands

    Permission for general commands: stats.use

    /stats - shows players own stats

    /stats [playername] - shows stats of the specified player

    /stats reset - resets all of the player executing the commands stats

    /stats top kills/deaths/kdr/streak - shows top stats holder in that field

    /stats help - shows all the general commands that can be used.

    Admin commands

    Permission for admin commands: stats.admin

    /adminstats clear [playername] - clears a specified target stats

    /adminstats set [playername] kills/deaths/kdr/streak num - sets a specified targets stat to that number/

    Placeholders for placeholderapi:




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    *edit* I realised I said 1.11 but I mean to say latest 1.8 release. (Also Bump)
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    There are tons of plugins that do exactly what you are asking for, just google for it.

    EDIT: I did google but most of them don't work... I'll start coding it today and will post when it's done. I would appreciate if you could think of a cool name for this plugin. Should there be a permission for normal commands. Also you want it to only count in certain worlds?

    EDIT2: The latest release of PAPI is 2.10.10 so I will work with that.

    EDIT: Hey @Sachxn_ I cant continue until you answer my questions.
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    Yeah it's quite annoying how like all of the ones out there just throw loads of bugs at you in console. For the name of the plugin I'm not too sure, I mean you could just call it "Super Cool Kill Stats", but I'm not really one to say. Also I wouldn't really want it to count in certain worlds because I'll need the plugin for an arena-like world and a main-pve world. Thanks in advance by the way for this.
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    I have finished it. Here is the project:
    I haven't tested it with more than 3 people so its in beta. Please send me any errors in console.

    Also it's taking a while to for the staff to verify the file I uploaded, so right now it says that I haven't uploaded any files yet. The plugin has been posted (as well as the optimization update I made).
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    Nice one
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