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    Hello i need a KillDeathRatip Plugin like this.
    I hope someone can do this for me.



    1: Player 1
    2: Player 2
    3: Player 3
    4: Player 4
    5: Player 5
    6: Player 6
    7: Player 7
    8: Player 8
    9: Player 9
    10: Player 10
    Command Senders Place:


    Kills: Int
    Tode: Int
    KDR: float

    greetings Marcel
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    can you explain this a little bit more detailed?

    The /stats command show the players individual stats, right?

    What shall the /kdr command show? just a numbered list of all players that have ever been on the server?So you could type "/kdr 5" to view Players 5th stats?
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    /kdr should show the 10 best player (1: The Player Name: (The Kill Death Ratio)
    And you Own Rank(CommandSenderName: Rank
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    What about the death, shall only death counted, that result from a kill through a player or shall all death be counted?
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    Only through player
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    KD ratio is:
    Kills / Deaths = ratio

    Easy to do this.
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    Here is it:

    I did not spend much time in testing... so if u find bugs, tell me.

    If you wonder that the kdr command shows nothing, keep in mind, thta players are just added to the list, if they killed/dyed at least once.
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    Thank you

    Thank you that works

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    You should also check out BattleTracker. It has wins/losses/rating/streaks/kdr for both PvP and PvE. You can do top on any of those.

    so like
    * /pvp top 20 <- show top 20 players (rating)
    * /pvp top kdratio <- show top kdr players
    * /pvp top wins

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