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    Hey guys, I have a PvP server and me and my friends thought it would be cool if there was such thing as a Call Of Duty like killcam, so you see the last 5-10 seconds of your life, then the respawn button. Not sure if this is possible, but I think it would be cool for an arena. Thanks in advance.
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    I don't think this is working so well because with plugins you can't chage view of the Minecraftclient.

    The only thing what could do this is 'Spout' but Spout isn't only a Plugin it has also it own Client named 'Spoutcraft'

    MFG FreeStyle
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    Well, if you can make NPC's walk, I'm pretty sure you could tp the user to a location and npc's with the player's skins and names would recreate the actions.
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    Codex Arcanum

    Long Answer:
    This would be pretty damn hard to do. You would have to record the movement of every entity in the game. That means that you would have to save the location of every player, arrow, mob, etc. every half second or so, then when a player died, then attempt to replay the motions (and actions, so you'd have to track sword swinging, bow firing, etc.). And all that assumes the blocks would be the same.
    Short Answer:
    This really wouldn't work.
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    Thanks guys, and soon after I posted this, I realized that all the actions would have to be recorded. But then I thought maybe the code would start recording as soon as a player hit a point of health. So then, it could record the player within 1 2 hearts, and so on. Thanks again for the input.
  6. I think this is a very cool idea. I was searching the web for this same killcam idea.
    This plugin IS possible. I have been on a cod server, and they had a killcam when you were killed.
    So I am pretty sure that this is possible. I am not a programmer though. Otherwise I would totally code this plugin.
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    To create a killcam you could set the player invisible and keep setting their coordinates to the player that killed for for a few seconds then spawn them somewhere else and remove the invisibility effect.
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    Idea to make a killcam:
    set health to full health for 5 seconds, make the player invisible, make the player not interact with anything
    send the player a text message (optional: set a potion effect to the player to make his/her sight more like a kill cam thing, like the grey colors in GTA4)
    then kill the player after 5 seconds, respawn button will be shown(ofc.)

    I hope that that second line prevents the player from actually dieing, if not, you would have to make a listener with a custom event that will be fired before the actually die.
    Other option: "catch" the packets that make the client player die and send them 5 seconds later.

    Hope this help, sorry for my bad English :p

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