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    Plugin category: Fun

    Suggested name: KillTrophies

    What I want:
    Okay I think at the moment there is no way to tell who is the strongest person on a pvp server and I have an idea how to make this.

    It is based of a popular mobile device game called 'Clash of Clans' where players build up their village and attack other villagers. When you attack another village you gain trophies if you win and lose trophies if you lose. The amount of trophies you win / lose is calculated from the amount of trophies you have and the amount your oppenent has.

    So this is the idea, a system of trophies, not physical like a block but like mental. When you join a new file is started and you begin with 0 trophies. When you kill someone you get 3%
    of their trophies so if someone had 100 trophies then if you killed them you would get 3 trophies.
    The trophies you get are deducated from the person you killed trophies. If someone has 99 trophies then you would get 2.97 trophies so please make it so it round it.

    Also please make it so people cannot gain trophies from people who have under 25 trophies. When you kill someone please make it so it says how many trophies they have gained and when you die it says how many trohpies you have lost.
    I dont think config is necessary.

    Ideas for commands:
    /kt - Shows how many trophies you have
    /kt {player} Shows how many trophies a player has.
    /kt top - Shows the top 10 people.

    Ideas for permissions:
    I dont really think permissions are too important as everyone can use all the commands
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    You might want to try out a plugin called TopPVP. It can't do exactly what you want but it can tell you the kill to death ratio of a player.

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