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    Plugin category: General

    Suggested name: VerseLoot (as my server is called VerseMC)

    What I want: Hi there, i'd like a loot protection plugin for my factions server. Basically when a player kills another player the killer's loot is protected for 3 IRL Seconds. This is to prevent other players quickly grabbing loot from a player which another player killed.

    Simple config:

    protect-time: 3 - This is how many seconds a player's kill loot is protected

    - world_pvp
    - another_world

    perm-message: '&e[VerseLoot] &aYour kill loot is protected!'
    noperm-message: '&e[VerseLoot] &cYour kill loot is not protected!'

    Ideas for permissions: killloot.protect

    Ideas for commands:

    /loot (tells player if they have the permission or not)
    Perm Message to player: &e[VerseLoot] &aYour kill loot is protected!
    NoPerm Message to player: &e[VerseLoot] &cYour kill loot is not protected!

    When I'd like it by: Next couple of days if possible.

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    I can probably do this.

    I'll see if I can finish this within a day.
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    Thanks skyrim, I'll put the thread on "Filled" but if anyone else wants a crack at making this. Be my guest.
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    If Panda's doesn't work, I have an early version ready, but I haven't done any extensive testing on it yet.
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    Panda's doesn't seem to be generating any sort of config... and also /loot isn't doing anything it should? Were these features added?

    skyrimfan1 I'd love to test out your beta release if possible.

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