Solved KHobbits made himself moderator on my server!

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by 3DDarren, Jan 9, 2013.

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    While I was working on my MobArena, Khobbits joined and then made himself moderator when he wasn't supposed to be moderator (He never had op)! So I tried to ban his ip, but it didn't work, so I banned his name and then he left. After a few minutes, KHobbits unbanned himself and joined the server again! I eventually realised that he had asisstant called ElgarL (who was also not supposed to be moderator) who unbanned KHobbits everytime I banned KHobbits. KHobbits told me that if I banned him again he would crash my server. Quickly, I banned KHobbits, ElgarL and both of their ips. I found out that KHobbits was the author of Essentials, and I thought he put some code in the Essentials so he could make himself moderator and unban them selves.
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    did you put your server in offline mode? are you using nocheat plugin?sounds really wierd that the author of essentials,had all that spare time to mess around with your server.probably someone stole the nicks
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    KHobbits had a skin so I don't think he used a cracked client

    Well it doesn't really matter, because i banned him so he wont come back anymore :D

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    I don't think KHobbits or ElgarL would do such things to your server, did you install any plugins that don't come from dev.bukkit? Don't install plugins from outside of dev.bukkit... And no Essentials doesn't include any debug code that allows KHobbits or ElgarL to be promoted as OP or whatever, that's illegal on dev.bukkit.
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    well it does matter really,this is serious stuff.and i think it needs sorting out. did you contact KHobbits?
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    I haven't installed plugin that doesnt come from dev bukkit.

    I do have nocheat

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    well i think you have offline mode,and have a peak at groupmanager-worlds-world.users.yml,there you have your answer i think
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    Check your plugins folder, there might be a plugin that they installed trough ftp.
    Also I recommend to scan your computer.

    Install mbam, get off internet and scan.
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    checking against the actual khobbits and elgarl confirms that they werent at the server at the time of that post, thus confirming the OP is running offline mode client where the hacker disguised as an essentials developer name.
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    but my has this online-mode=true
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    no, you dont.

    your prank is completely unfunny, so please close it.
  13. Both Me and Elgarl, are in the example GroupManager file.
    Some people who use offline mode take advantage of this.
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    lol wut
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    Essentials has no backdoors of any description. KHobbits nor ElgarL would ever go on someones server and add themselves to a privileged rank. Additionally, skins are stored by name. Offline or not, if there is a skin matching the player's name, it will display. Additionally, this was a great story to read, I was laughing my ass off while reading it.
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    I ... I just ... cant take this thread seriously.

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    Just another tragic tale of an offline mode server being screwed over by it's owners insistence on not playing legit.

    Ah, people <3
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    Locked. Yet another example of why you should never run an offline mode server. You're asking for trouble.

    Clearly this was no force op (or force... moderator?) but rather a folly by the server administrator.

    Run online-mode=true folks, it is the only way to be safe.
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