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    I was deciding on what my server's main mechanic should be and decided on a karma system. Similar to the Infamous (a PS3 game) karma system it would integrate with a quest plugin so if you set a quest to either be bad or good you would receive certain points toward being a bad guy or a good guy. Furthermore, if you kill someone you get points toward being a bad guy and if you kill someone with a prefix of outlaw or bandit it will give you certain points toward being good depending on how high up the bad guy is. Also, once you get a certain amount of points toward being either good or bad you would receive a prefix say outlaw or hero etc and you can rank up to higher levels of good or bad.

    -/karma (or just kar for short on all commands) = Information on the plugin itself (creator, build etc)
    -/kar ranks = shows the available ranks and how many points you need to reach it
    -/kar list [rank] = shows the people of that particular rank
    -/kar changerank [player] [rank] = change the rank of a player
    -/kar givepoints [player] [good/bad] [# of points] = give a player either bad or good points
    -/kar reload = reload the plugin

    Settings for this plugin wouldn't be too complicated. You would be able to set the ranks and the # of points you need to reach it. You would be able to tap into a quest plugin (like Quester) and set how many points, good or bad, it is when you complete it. You would also set how you would liek everything to be stored whether it is on sql or on file in the plugin's folder.\

    Done by:
    Take your time! My server hasn't even been started yet. Though I would like it to be done maybe within a month but that's just preference.

    Thank you to the person who makes this plugin! I will give you credit on my server when it is done (hopefully :D)!
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    BTW: wanting it done for free. Dont have the money right now to fund it.
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    Nothing about the request, but just saying, usually money requests are against the rules so there is no way to do it except for free :p.

    If I have time after everything else I am doing I may be able to work on this, though I have a lot of other plugins I am working on right now so it would be a while.
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    Bump, I like this idea
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    PvPReward has a Karma system.

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