Just want to varify I'm not the only one..

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by OkinKun, Jan 19, 2011.

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    Ok, whether this is a bug or an incomplete feature with Bukkit, I'm not sure..
    I just want to know if other people are having this issue too. And what may be causing it..

    So far I've run into a couple issues:
    -I can't place Paintings on walls yet.
    -Redstone wiring doesn't work quite right, and clocks/pulsers don't work at all.

    Are these "bugs" I've encountered? Or just some unfinished elements of Bukkit?
    (Yes, I realize Bukkit is not fully functional or even publicly released yet.)
    Are other people seeing these same issues on their servers?

    Anyway, love bukkit so far! Can't wait for it to be "released". heh
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    Paintings are an accepted bug.

    Redstone clocks work, BUT there is a possible bug (but I think it's a feature) with setTime() that breaks this. If you use any plugin that manipulates time, please test without it.
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    Ah ok. I'm going to assume General is the cause of my Redstone clock failures. heh

    Thanks for the reply. (I was having a hard time finding that bug report thing, to search through it.)
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    I cannot resist: If only General was open-source so I could just look at the code and tell you whether they have the bug or not... :p
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    Well, I also just realized I was using the "Extend Day" plugin.. ^_^; And that's probably more likely the cause.
    But General also has a /time command, so both could be, for all I know.

    Either way, no worries. I just wanted to know if these problems were isolated issues I was having, or known bugs everyone has.
    So again, thanks. =3
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    ExtendDay, that's it. Write to feverdream, the developer. We had similar problems when using Noon.

    Once again, this is not feverdream's fault, the docs say nothing about this making such havoc with redstone, it's a bukkit documentation bug.
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    No need.. I see all. ;)

    I have added the same workaround to ExtendDay as I added to Noon. Its all I can do as the bug is in CraftBukkit, or possibly Notches code.
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