Just a question, how will you handle disconnects? (PVP Servers)

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Kane, Mar 31, 2011.

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    Quote from my server and good question.

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    What is the point of this thread?
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    The point is how to handle disconnects. I think it's a valid question.
    A better question would be, what is the point of your troll response?

    I personally think it's best to have a rule against it. But in that case people will say that their internet just happened to die.
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    You want a rule against disconnecting from a server because someone was an @$$hole to them? If someone doesn't want to play on a server than they don't have to, you can't disallow people to leave...
    And no, it really isn't a better question.
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    I think the problem Kane described is that Player 1 disconnects before Player 2 had a chance to rob him, abusing disconnecting as a method of self defense.

    Some other competitive multiplayer games keep players' characters ingame even after a disconnect (for a short time) to prevent that.
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    Sorry Evenprime is correct. I was quoting what a player said on my forums and I thought it was clear but I guess not. People use DC to flee combat all the time and its a pain in the ass.
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    I just tell my players to build traps where they logged out. A giant obsidian box full of lava usually gets the trick done. Many a disconnecter have never returned after logging back into death and losing everything. Of course, I have a warm up on /spawn (plus it cancels if you move) and there is no /home, so they have no way to escape really. They will die.

    I don't support it, and I'd probably kick/ban for it if it was an issue that wasn't handled by traps, though.
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    i think its nearly impossible to prevent this kinda "abuse". the only solution that i have in mind, is a logout timer, like every mmo has. but i dont think we will ever see this in minecraft.
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    I was going to attempt to make a plugin where it will tempban a player after d/cing for XX amount of time, thinking that will deter them from constantly logging in/out.
    Found numerous holes in my plan..
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    Yeah the only way I would see it is some how be able to leave a ghost of the character on the server for 30secs..
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    I agree with Kane. I know in some other games, the server can differentiate between a purposeful disconnection, a player quitting, and a player having internet trouble and in proper cases leave the player's character in game for a while to still take damage and get robbed or killed.
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    Keep the player active in the server for X seconds. All servers treat disconnecting the same - rather you hard power off or unplug your line. It's a hard realization - but theres no way to tell on the MMO's end why the player disconnected and they get punished for it - even if it was a true link-death.
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    A nice pit of lava seems like a good enough rebuttal from the PvP'er. If the PvE'er wants to abuse disconnect mechanics to save his items, the PvP'er can atleast get revenge with a hole filled with lava. Kind of a "if I can't have it, nobody can" kind of deal, but atleast the disconnecter trying to abuse game mechanics to save his pixels gets shafted in the end. I call that justice.
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    That is fine for me TBH. Crash or not I think 15 second DC is fine. Or better yet only players can damage but not mobs. Things like that would work. Again this of course be a plugin anyways. Not everyone has to use it.
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    Delaying the disconnect seems totally possible - I'll test it out and report back...
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    Definitely needs to be implemented.
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    I just finished this, and have it 100% working. Adding a CB pull request now. ;)
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    Nice. I guess will have to wait for the newest RB but sweet :)
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    @Afforess did they add this by any chance?
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    The pull request is done, and works perfectly, but Grum doesn't want to pull it "because it will make maintenance harder".

    I suggest that everyone who wants to see this feature see the light of day send a PM to Grum.
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    @Grum is totally wrong! please pull it - mc needs this feature imho
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    *cough* special build? :p

    Hey do you think if it does ever get added though. Be possible make all players some how stay online all the time but maybe make it so 90% of the chunks shutdown and have them left with like a small chunk.. Maybe it like eve online where even offline your online if your in space haha..

    Id think that be pretty epic RPG
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    The pull request doesn't do anything special, it exposes a timer to plugins that they can change and customize. A plugin could be basic, and just create a 10 second delay, or be as complex as needed. Any length of delay would work. Having all players stay on, with the chunks loaded is not outside the realm of possibility.
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    Damn that would be so amazing haha. Oh well lets hope @Grum has a change of heart :p Or maybe ES corrupted him to much <3
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    Well that's something I have a hard time imagining...
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