Jungle trees droping cocoa beans.

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    Would be awesome if someone,manages to get done this plugin. i explain. add the feature of jungle trees to drop cocoa beans, by breaking the jungle tree leaves, or plant cocoa beans. that makes a jungle tree that drops cocoa beans often. like in this mod i love with all my heart content.
    i would be so happy if someone makes able to plant a cocoa bean just like in that plugin that makes a jungle sappling you can grow into a tree. that drops cocoa beans. it surely will add a lot of flavor to jungles with a unique resource only avaible to get in that unique biome, and improve the diet we have in minecraft. bread,bread,cake,porkchop. lol. Thanks for all.
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    well a dev is working on AppleTree updating to 1.2 it wouldn't be for sometime but i suppose he can implement an option to make Jungle trees do it only. as AppleTree can be configures to drop from apple, Golden and cocoa Beans. and how often.

    just PM'd manniL w/ this link.
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    OtherDrops can do a simple version by making jungle trees have a chance of dropping cocoa beans (on break or leafdecay), here's an example config:

        - action: BREAK
          drop: DYE@BROWN    # cocoa beans
          chance: 5%        # chance of 1 in 20 leaves
        - action:DECAY
          drop: DYE@BROWN
          chance: 3%        # average tree has 40 to 50 leaves, jungle trees have more?
                            # based on 50 leaves this would be just over 1 cocoa bean per tree decay
    AppleSeed is very cool though in making unique apple trees that drop apples at random intervals - hope it gets updated.
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    The problem i see with leaves, because i already considered that kind of option. it the lack of being able to do it only with jungle leaves. and i dont want turbo food trees in all the world. lol, but reading close.
    LEAVES@3 are jungle leaves? because there was already 3 kind of leaves i suppose, standard birch and oak
    please. resp it will be cool for the moment. and thanks for pointing it. i didnt knew about that plugin
    and seems to have cool options to do.
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    If there wasn't this new event system I would do this in a few minutes, but I haven't read up on it yet, so it probably won't be done by me sorry :L I might post back here if I read about how this new event system works within the next few days :)
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    the fact its that plugin, appleseed its working 100% even being outdated, take a look so you can see how works. it would be simple as, add a new type of sapling being the jungle one. and, Zarius i tried your plugin but it doesnt to work properly for me. or im doing the config in the file wrong.
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    As Minecraft 1.2 is so new (and even no 1.2 RB for Bukkit yet) the default version of OtherDrops wont work - you'll need to download the newest pre-release (check this post here for the latest dev version that should work with dev builds of Bukkit for 1.2).

    Yes, sorry - didn't mention that LEAVES@3 is for jungle leaves only (0=generic, 1=pine, 2=birch, see minecraftwiki page). The latest dev build of OtherDrops now allows you to write it as LEAVES@JUNGLE to be easier to read.

    I haven't tried it but I don't think Appleseed will work fully in BukkitR5 and newer as the events and configuration systems have changed.
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    the fact its that even now appleseed plugin its working fine. i was surprised but its true. i have birchs in my jungle that drops cocoa beans fine. in a common quanty and time. and i have minecraft 1.2.3 and the last bukkit server
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    Yes, that part might work fine however I would have expected growing new trees to work (as that relies on the PlayerInteractEvent) and didn't think the config file would work properly - I'll have to try it out later myself.

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