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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Dall, Nov 10, 2016.

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    Hello everyone I was wondering if anyone knows a plugin that when you join you don't have tools. I've been having trouble finding some good ones for my hub server. And also I've been wondering how to do this if someone could tell me it would be great. For example [​IMG] compared to this [​IMG] and if you could also tell me how its custom like it says Epsilon >

    Thank you!


    If the links don't work use these and

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    None of what you said makes any sense. What exactly do you want? (In detail)
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    Yeah , pls explain in detail, what do you want, a kit plugin... or teleport one i dont uderstand the images
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    Assuming you use Essentials for the kits (The kit is what gives you the tools, if you didn't know) You can go into the Essentials file and select "config.yml" and find this piece of code, just follow what it says:
      # Do we want to give users anything on first join? Set to '' to disable
      # This kit will be given regardless of cost and permissions, and will not trigger the kit delay.
      #kit: ''
      kit: tools
    EDIT: I just realized I read this wrong...disregard this reply (Unless it's what you were trying to do, you didn't really explain it very well)
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