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    Hi I have a fairly new minecraft server and I have a question about /jail. I was a moderator on a server and i created the jail cells so i could do /jail and then it tp's the player to the jail but I forgot how to do that. So do I have to create warps like warp cell 1 warp cell 2 e.t.c. and I would have to do /jail to a player then i go to the warp cell 1 then tp that player. but couldn't they go out or does jail make them not do that. also is there a easier way to do a /jail area. like /jail cell 1 create or something like that. also is there a command i could press that would give me help with /jail in game like /jail help or something around there? please help thanks :)
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    Have a look through the plugin repository for jail plugins, there are several with documentation for what you need. I'm personally using Essentials jail function which does everything you just described.

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    what plug in are u using for the jail commands
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    It's been a little while since I set up my jails using Essentials, but I think the command for it was /setjail <jailname>. Then to jail someone, it's /jail <user> <jailname> <time>, with time being optional. I used cell1 and cell2 for my jail names, but you could name them pretty much anything as long as it's all one word. Once you use the /jail command on someone, they get sent directly to the jail cell and they can't do commands or building/breaking until they're unjailed. If you use the timer feature, they'll be released automatically once the time expires.
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