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    I'm currently in the process of making a gang/drug server and i want people to be jailed not for rule breaking, but for carrying weapons and drugs in spawn town and stuff. Anyway, i wanted a plugin when, if someone is in jail, that they can pay bail to get them out. The sort of commands i think would be good are:
    /bail me (To pay your own bail)
    /bail <player> (To bail someone else out)
    /bail me <amount> (Pay part of your bail)
    /bail <player> (amount) (Pay part of someone else's bail)
    /bail disallow <player> (Admin command to disallow someones bail)
    /bail pardon <player> (Admin command to reverse the previous one)
    /jail <player> <jailname>
    /release <player>
    /jail exempt <player> (make someone unable to be jailed)
    /jail allow <player> (reverse the last one)
    /setjail <name> (set jail's location)

    If anyone could make this happen, that would be brilliant :D Also essentials support would be great too :D


    bump, I really need something like this

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    Let's wait at least 12 hours before bumping.
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    You know with VariableTriggers you can make your own custom commands and much more. VariableTriggers lets you create Object Variables you can use and has many built in script commands plus you can use @CMDOP or @CMDCON to run commands from any plugin on your server from VT scripts. Its worth cheking out. :D
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    i don't know, that sounds quite complicated
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    Its a lot easyer than learning Java and learning how to write Bukkit plugins. If you take the time to look through the Docs and the Forums examples you will see it's realy quite easy and simple.

    It's not for everyone I guess. It's for those who are willing to spend a little time to understand the plugin. Once they do the possiblities are endless for them.
  6. You should give VariableTriggers a try, you might need some time to understand it, but it is definitely faster instead of waiting for a developer that might take your request.
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    @asc_dreanor OMG its you from IB craft XD

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