items dissapearing after death?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by painisgod, Jun 5, 2012.

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    hi. I just wondered if there is any special reason i lose all my items after death? (vanishing) i cant pick them up.
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    In default MineCraft, your items will vanish when you die, after a certain period of time.
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    yes, but they dont even appear, theyr gone (if i kill some1 with full diamond, they dont drop it, but they lose it)
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    Alright, I'll need your plugin list please.
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    Anticreeper, chestshop, zavautomessager, nocheat, founddiamonds, factions, essentials, essentialsgeoip, essentialsxmpp, iconomy, lockette, worldedit, vanishnopacket, votifier, tribu, skychest, safeexplosions, pluginmetrics, pearlxp, orbfuscastor, narrowtubxlib, Groupmanager, gianttrees,
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    I don't recognize very many of those plugins, try removing them and adding them back one at a time until the problem returns, then tell me which plugin made it come back.
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    dont have the time for that.
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    That's how you'll find the problem. Make time.
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    then enjoy your problem
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    You sure it's not appearing at all? Sometimes servers have some sort of lagg, the items MIGHT be there, but just invisible.
    If that's not it, it probably is one of your plugins doing weird things, so:
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    yes, im sure

    dfo i have to do this on my original server? or can i make a new one, and copy the plugins and then try?

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    I have a bukkit server for me and a couple of friends and the items go missing and invisible but, if you walk over to the area where they/you died and jump around for a couple of seconds you pick them up even though you can't see them. Annoying but, really its not that bad.


    Well it may be the only way. If it such a problem you would do it.
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    i know that glitch, however they arent invisible, they aren't there D:
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    Wow, just wow.
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    The pain of being Bukkit Helper. :p
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    :O Sorry then, I don't know.
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    I have the same issue, I am using the latest version of bukkit and clients use default minecraft client. This happens to me too, but only me. I am an op, everyone else isnt... i have no plugins at all.

    Same behavior as described above.. i die... walk over to the area where I died (few minutes to run there, no more than 5). Items are gone, not even 1 of them is there.

    When others die, non ops.. they are fine, they dont lose items.
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