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    As the title says, I'm from Estonia and currently making a 1.8 server that is half RPG and half modern/classic. The thing is, I made two VIP ranks, Silver and Gold. I'm trying to do something like RuneScape. The permament item colours. I know there is a way of doing texture packs but players want to use their own. I can't even make a plugin because I'm not a developer. So Silver can use iron stuff and more blocks while Gold can get all that is in Creative 'E'. So Silver is gray(&7) and Gold is golden(&6). I want to change the item name colours that those two ranks can use. So is there a way without texture packs and similar tools like Itemizer? Enchanted-Items like nether star etc will have (&5) name colour.
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    The plugin is Made by you?
    If it is, in the creation of ItemStack, put that:
    ItemStack itemStackColour = new ItemStack(Material.DIAMOND);
    ItemMeta itemMetaColour = itemStackColour.getItemMeta();
    In JavaScript, & is §
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    timtower Moderator Moderator

    @HenrySartori No JavaScript, Java.
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    Haha I was confused for a while when he said javascript. Anyways. An easier way is to do. ChatColor.GOLD + "Diamond".
    What items do you need to be colored? All items on the server or just "special" items?
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    @Furrycane You said that resource packs are possible, but that players want to use their own. You do know that more than one resource pack can be selected at a time including the server resource pack, right?
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    No I did not create this plugin but wish that it was created.

    How? By the way for example: I search for diamond in creative inventory and hover it and it has a (&6Diamond) name. I need permament change. A good developer can do this easily

    All of them.

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    @Furrycane Multiple resource packs can be selected in the resource pack menu. It's just part of Minecraft.
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