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    I search for a plugin, who can save your items like chests.

    -> You can add ans save ALL your items in ONE double chest.
    -> With drag and drop input or output items.
    -> keep off 20 or more (many players has 30-40 or >) different chests and searching for the right items
    -> the item content of your "bank" should be non encoded and readable in a txt file or .db file
    => or per player files with bank-item information (i think recommended)?
    -> should backup all 'adjustable' minutevalue in a config
    -> maybe central "BankChest" for all players, but the players see only his own Items?
    -> for more Items the player must pay more beforehand. He must pay with 1 gold per 10 slots...
    -> Spout support because the extra popup menu?
    => only spoutcraft users can get into this plugin feature :)
    -> maybe prevent a 2nd wipe-bug in a later craftbukkit version, who knows :)

    I have this idea really very long.


    Please write comments and ideas to this request :)

    I updated this thread
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    Hi , the problem is , Spout dont have actually useful windows, popups etc. that can scroll.
    Spitems have 4 buttons because this issue. Minecraft 1.8 have a scrollable List for items , i hope Spout-Devs
    including this or similar widgets.
    Currently is not easy coding with spout but a great and big project for the community.
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  4. what if u set buttons instead of scroll ^^
    i like the idea alot, if it comes out then i'm going to use it
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    if u planning on use spoutcraft, u could make a window with chest icons , so the player can choose witch chest he wants to open. After that, is reading a ItemStack [] from a file/db to know witch items that chest have, open a custom inventory window and set the items there.

    Im actually using VirtualChests for that matter, but a plugin like yours would be much more cooler :D

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