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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by AnUnknownMonster, Nov 16, 2019.

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  1. Plugin category: Items

    Minecraft version: 1.8.8 spigot

    Suggested name: ItemssStacker

    What I want: I assume something like that already exists, but i couldn't find it. (if you know about a plugin like that please let me know in the comments, will save alot of time for everyone).
    I'd like to be able to create a 'set' of items that the player will receive from inside of 1 item.
    Example: i want the player to be able to win from a voting crate an enderchest named 'example' and when he gets the enderchest into his inventory and right-click it, the enderchest disappears and the player receives the 'items' that were 'inside' that chest.
    get's 'example' enderchest, right clicks it - get the items that this package includes.
    will be suitable for an Kit-PvP/Factions server, so players can stack that 'enderchest' instead of savings 4 pieces of armor + a sword/axe in their enderchests/vaults.

    Ideas for commands: Up to you

    Ideas for permissions: Up to you

    When I'd like it by: obviously preferably ASAP, but it doesn't really matter

    hope you'll understand what i mean. i'll be waiting !
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    I can make this for you!
    How will the player be able to get the enderchests? In your thread you say that they can get it from a voting crate, does the plugin you use for that allow commands?

    1. Player wins the enderchest
    2. Crate plugin give's player the enderchest using (/givechest <player> <item1> [item2] [item3])

    Started working on it:

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  3. he'll be able to get the enderchest through a Voting Crate (I'm using CrazyCrates) if possible?
    it'll be great if i'll be able to use that plugin to create these stacked items into the enderchest!
    maybe for an example, doing a command called /ecstack, and then a menu open and i'll be able to put whatever items i want inside and save it with a name?
    i honestly don't know, just throwing ideas on here :)

    another edit: is it possible with permissions too? whenever he right-clicks the enderchest, he'll get permission for something?
    example: get's an enderchest that the repair permission was assigned into, and when he right-clicks the enderchest (it disappears, 1 time use obv) he gets the /repair command!

    is this too much? :p
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    The permissions thing would be totally possible! :)

    But the GUI will require a lot of programming, it would be much easier to just make it with a command only.
    If someone does have the time and is willing to make a GUI: Please add it :)
    The source is online under a (AGPLv3 license) so you can:
    1: create a pull request to add it to the original plugin
    or 2: clone the original plugin and make changes to it, make sure to publish the source online and state the changes!
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