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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by SlayerMarth101, Dec 17, 2015.

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    Does anyone know a plugin that can rain items? Useful for Drop Parties.
    I know of LetitRain, but when I use it, my server has random spikes of lag where commands won't work for a couple minutes. No errors in console though, so I don't know how to fix it. I've commented on the plugin, but no response, yet.

    That being said, could anyone potentially link me to another plugin that works like LetitRain or potential create one that works with Spigot 1.8? I just need the rain command to be able to rain whatever Item I type in. I don't need the other stuff letitrain has, nor do I need to rain entities.

    Please and Thank you.
    - Slayer
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    I can look into this.

    I guess these will be the factors:
    • 2 corners for the area
    • 1 y-level position from where it rains
    • Ability to choose item
    • Amount of items
    • Duration
    I'll start on it tomorrow. :)
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    Instead of two corners, why not set it up to use a radius specified in the command? That kind of opens up more doors and less restraint. :p But you're making it, so I won't argue. Although, all of the things you listed could be included in the command aside from the y value. That one could just be like 40 blocks above the player by default? Or something like that?

    Not sure to be honest. But like I said, you're making it so it's ultimately your call.
    Thanks by the way. :D
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    Always good with constructive feedback, I'll look into that as well.
    I'll add a few configs so you can play around with some values.

    No problems. :)



    You start a drop party by doing this:
    /dp create #r #s
    Ex. /dp create 10r 20s

    #r = radius from you, limit is defined in config.yml.
    #s = seconds, limit is defined in config.yml.

    Item is what you currently have in your hand, keep in mind that it does include the amount.

    You can cancel a drop party by doing this:
    /dp cancel

    You can reload the plugin by doing this:
    /dp reload

    Other configurable variables:
    itemTick = 15 (20 = 1 second) - this is how often a new item spawns. Recommended to not go lower.
    maxRadius = 60 - limit radius
    maxTime = 600 (=10 minutes)
    distanceY = 40 - distance from you in Y-axis.

    dp.admin - access to all.

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